Nintendo Files Patent for a Game Boy Phone Case

Have you been begging for a Game Boy Classic to play Pokémon like the good ol’ days? Well, as it turns out, Nintendo might be making one… kind of!

In the wake of the NES and SNES Classic editions, a patent for a Game Boy-style smart-phone case was published on September 27. According to the schematics, the case would clamp onto your average phone, providing A and B Game Boy buttons and a D-pad to your touchscreen device. While it might be tempting to think that this comes in response to Sony’s recent announcement of the PlayStation Classic, Nintendo filed for the patent way back in March of 2017, long before Sony’s announcement.

Game Boy Patent
A diagram of the Game Boy case’s schematics

The Potential

So, what could this mean? Keep in mind, patents can be misleading. The Nintendo Switch’s initial patent looked nothing like the final product, and Nintendo has filed several patents for strange Wii peripherals that ultimately never released. They might just be covering bases they might consider chasing in the future. Basically, this patent may or may not actually lead to something.

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But if this phone case does come to fruition, what will this mean for Nintendo’s mobile market? Obviously, Nintendo’s current mobile games (Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes) wouldn’t fit perfectly with the controller. So maybe they’ll release some brand new platformers or an updated take on Tetris. Or perhaps they’ll go complete virtual console and start uploading Game Boy ROMs to the App Store and Google Play for five bucks a pop. Who knows?

What could this case mean for a possible Game Boy Classic Edition? Will people even buy a fifty dollar handheld with games that they can get on their phone for five dollars apiece? If Nintendo’s reluctance to bring virtual console to Switch means anything, they might not want to split their market into two. Only one thing’s for sure: when it comes to Nintendo, expect the strangest decision possible.

It’s interesting that Nintendo filed this patent after they recently renewed their patent for the N64 controller. Which would you like to play more: a N64 Classic, or a Game Boy Classic? Would you pick up this Game Boy phone skin if it’s released? Let us know!

You can find the original patent document here.

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