Nintendo has revealed its schedule for this year’s E3 convention, which will occur between June 11th-13th in Los Angeles. Starting earlier on June 8th, Nintendo kicks off the event with a Splatoon 2 world championship tournament, followed by the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate world championship.

The main festivities will then commence on June 11th at 9am PT/12pm ET, which is when the main Nintendo Direct will air. Nintendo has stated that this year’s presentation will focus on upcoming Switch titles for the rest of 2019. After the Direct, the focus will shift to Nintendo Treehouse.  Treehouse members will be joined by developers and other guests as they take an in-depth look at various upcoming Switch titles.

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Nintendo also announced its new Warp Pipe Pass, which will serve as a sort of “fast pass” for attendees waiting to play games on the show floor. Individuals can use the pass to reserve play time for different games, which allows for priority access to said games at their reserved time. Note, however, that users of the pass will need a Nintendo account when registering.

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