Nintendo TOKYO

Japan is full of Nintendo merchandise everywhere you go. There are Pokemon Centers, plush stores, and game shops that sell Nintendo products. While they’re big in Japan, Nintendo only has one flagship store that opened in 2005, Nintendo New York. While the store is big and popular, it’s a wonder why a similar store wasn’t made first in Japan. Well according to the company’s corporate management policy briefing, they plan on doing just that with Nintendo TOKYO.

Location Announced

That’s right, Nintendo is opening an official store in the Shibuya district, Tokyo. Not only that, it’s scheduled to open in the Shibuya Parco building sometime in Fall 2019, right when the building opens. This makes sense since Shibuya happens to be a major entertainment and business center in Japan.

According to the briefing, “We are hoping it will be a new point of contact between consumers and Nintendo that a wide range of people, regardless of age, gender, or experiences with games can enjoy.”

Furthermore, they plan on hosting events and are offering opportunities to play games. Hopefully this means it’s a place to host Smash Bros. Tournaments. Also, Nintendo is preparing to use the shop as a new base for communicating Nintendo information in Japan. So potentially, Nintendo TOKYO can become a major information outlet as well. If the store is going to be anything like Nintendo New York, it should do pretty well.

Future Projects

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan
Super Nintendo World

In the far future, the “Super Nintendo World” area that started construction in June 2017 is set to be open in Universal Studios Japan in 2020 just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Finally, they also announced that, “the development of animated film based on ‘Super Mario Bros.’ with Illumination is moving along for an anticipated theatrical release around 2022. Unfortunately, we are far from seeing any sort of trailer or piece of animation from the film, we can only hope that it will stay truthful to the Mario Bros. we know.



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