Pokemon Go

Niantic is taking another crack at their massive community event, Pokémon Go Fest. From June 13-16, residents and tourists of Chicago can visit Grant Park to be a part of the Pokémon Go community for a few days. The entrance fee is $25, which will give you access to special community challenges, special research items, and 6 different team lounges. Last year, over 20,000 people attended, so if you’re heading to the event, expect it to be a bit crowded.

This year marks the first time that players have been able to switch teams (for 1000 Pokecoins and only once per year). You might find yourself visiting a different team lounge than last year.

Pokémon Go Fest hasn’t had the brightest reputation. The first event in 2017 was disastrous, filled with server crashes that prevented attendees from logging into Pokémon Go. Many of the crowd members booed Niantic employees, telling them to “fix the game!”, and even outright suing them, in some cases.

Last year’s event went over much smoother, with more than 20,000 people in Lincoln Park and 180,000 people in the surrounding areas. The connectivity issues from the year prior were nearly non-existent, and Niantic gave the event clearer goals and objectives than in 2017. It was a marked improvement from 2017’s disaster. Niantic clearly has a hold of these events now – we expect that 2019’s event ought to go swimmingly.

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