Titan Comics are a world renowned graphic novel and comic book publisher, working alongside creator-owned comic books from new and world-renowned talent, and classic graphic novels re-mastered for brand-new audiences.

With New York Comic Con rapidly approaching, we have gained information on what will be available and debuted by Titan Comics at the event. Multiple comics, comic variations, box sets and creators are to be announced and shown at the event.

The long list of creators include the likes of Jody Houser (Thirteenth Doctor), Bill Morrison (The Beetles’ Yellow Submarine), Robert Hack (Doctor Who) and many more each with their own respective craft.

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This year’s event sees the debut of one of the most anticipated Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince by V.E Schwab. Being a prequel comic to her widely popular New York Times bestselling novel series, the first issue will be making its first appearance at the event, with a special and limited cover variant.

Another exciting release for this event will be the 50th anniversary of The Beetles’ Yellow Submarine box set, which will include bits and bobs that all fans of the graphic novel series will enjoy, inclusive of an exclusive art card signed by the writer/artist Bill Morrison.

October 4 is a special video games celebration with two comic signings: an Assassin’s Creed signing with writers Anthony Del Col (Assassin’s Creed: Origins), Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters (Assassin’s Creed: Uprising) Only available at NYCC.

Following the exciting news that The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini has been adapted into an immersive theatre show, which opened last week at Theater 80 in New York City, creator Cynthia von Buhler is making a special NYCC appearance.

Much more is to be announced and shown at the event and by Titan Comics, and we here at Culture of Gaming will keep you posted. Enjoy New York Comic Con everyone.

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