Arca's Path

Arca’s Path, the colorful ball-rolling VR game revealed this past E3, got a brief developer diary video just yesterday. In the second “dev diary” that game studio Dream Reality Interactive has published, creative lead Albert Bentall and a few of his team members take a look at the story of Arca’s Path.

Arca's Path

According to the video, Arca’s Path follows a young girl’s journey through a dystopian future. She discovers a strange mask that simulates otherworldly places from the perspective of a rolling ball. All seems well until she stubles into a “slightly haywire” nanny robot that takes the girl in as her own. But what are the nanny’s true intentions? How can the young girl trust her? That’s precisely the question that Dream Reality Interactive leaves us on.

Some More Details on Arca’s Path

Dream Reality states that they wanted to go for a fairy-tale sort of vibe with a futuristic twist. They wanted the player to start the game in a beautiful, peaceful world that slowly devolves into a glitchy, hostile environment. From what they’ve shown of Arca’s Path so far, they certainly seem to be conveying that effect.

Arca’s Path was initially shown at this year’s E3. Dream Reality poised it as an updated take on classic ball-rolling games like Marble Madness. It’s VR only, and no controller is required – the entire game is controlled simply by using your head to roll a ball across a series of platforms and ramps. While it’s a simple concept, it’s still both “easy and addictive to get into” as Albert Bentall, the creative lead says. So, pair this addictive formula with a gorgeous aesthetic and a mysterious narrative, and you have the recipe for a sleeper hit indie game.

For more on Arca’s Path be sure to watch the video above and check out Dream Reality Interactive’s website right here. For all other things related to video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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