Ubisoft PR has released a statement that the reveal was just a joke gone wrong. You can catch all the details here.

Ubisoft has had a lot of success in re-branding their many Tom Clancy titles into hit franchises. Games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon had always enjoyed some level of success, but the modern era was not kind to them. With more competition than ever the series all began to fade. Fortunately, Ubisoft didn’t abandon the them.

Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six: Siege may have little in common with its predecessors, but it managed to become an insanely successful hit, becoming one of the titans of online multiplayer FPS titles. Even Ghost Recon: Wildlands has enjoyed a high level of success, and recently had a sequel announced.

Now it’s Splinter Cell’s turn. The stealth shooter genre has always been very niche. Very few franchises gain success. But with Kojima having left Konami, has made the future of Metal Gear Solid shaky at best. This is obviously the perfect time to bring back Splinter Cell. We haven’t had one this console generation. Splinter Cell: Blacklist released for the last generation back in 2013.

Splinter Cell

The news was revealed by the Creative Director of Ubisoft, Julian Gerighty on twitter. He casually mentioned that work had begun and more information will be shared at E3 next month. That’s not all though, he also revealed that the game will feature some form of a cross over with The Crew 2. He also implied that they’re working on cross overs with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. He has now stated he might be in trouble for revealing this information, so here’s the link while it’s still up.

Splinter Cell

Maybe we’ll finally get a truly connected Tom Clancy universe? What are your hopes and fears for the new title?

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