New Paper Mario Game Coming to Switch in July

Nintendo have announced a Paper Mario game. Yeah, this is real.

The game, titled Paper Mario: The Origami King, was announced earlier today on Youtube with a trailer, which you’ll find here.

With rumours circulating about Paper Mario along with the supposed 3D Remaster collection, talk of a sequel has been rampant. Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17th this year, this Paper Mario will be out sooner than expected.

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The trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King doesn’t give us much information, so we can’t be sure if it’ll base itself off of fan favourite classics like The Thousand Year Door or later titles such as Colour Splash.

Fans have been clamouring all over the internet for another Paper Mario game, and many didn’t like recent instalments. So everyones going to be eating with baited breath for the next two months before the game comes out. It showcases a new style, Origami. Mario must do his usual world saving antics, but this time Origami is in the mix. Exactly how this will influence the gameplay is yet to be seen. Nintendo will more than likely reveal more details as time goes on.

New Paper Mario Hints to Metroid?

Although, the end of the trailer shows Mario in Samus Aran’s helmet, so that could be a win t towards upcoming announcements for Metroid Prime 4 or something else Metroid entirely. With the recent news that Retro Studios have hired more VFX artistsMetroid Prime 4 has been back in the news, so maybe we’ll be hearing updates on the game soon.

Are you excited to play another Paper Mario game, finally on Switch? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. As always, thanks for reading COG! Keep it locked to Culture of Gaming for any updates on this Paper Mario game, we’re excited, hope you are too.


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