New LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs Announced

Nintendo and LEGO had recently announced their latest project: LEGO Super Mario, a LEGO set that allows you create and run through your own Mario-themed levels using the LEGO Super Mario figure. Now both companies have brought more news in the form of four power-up packs.

Each power-up pack contains a new costume for Mario that will give him special abilities to use while traversing your levels. These will include Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario. Each suit has its own unique power-up based on how their respective in-game counterparts, with Fire Mario throwing fireballs at enemies, Propeller Mario collecting coins in the air, Cat Mario climbing walls while grabbing coins, and Builder Mario smashing LEGO bricks to release coins.

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All four power-up packs will come separately and will release on the same date as the base set, August 1st, 2020. It also appears that each pack cannot function without the base set, which seems to be the only way to obtain the Mario figure that wears each outfit. Neither Nintendo nor LEGO have revealed a price point for these add-ons just yet, but you can pre-order the main LEGO Super Mario set for $59.99 USD.

Do you plan on getting the power-up packs? Have you already pre-ordered the base set? Let us know in the comments! For more information on LEGO Super Mario, check out our coverage of the initial announcement. You can also take a look at the Paper Mario: The Origami King announcement. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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