With a new version of the Nintendo Switch out in the wild and the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite releasing on September 20th, it seems that Joy-Cons have become an afterthought to Nintendo. With new color schemes being scarce, players have begged the company to provide some creative pairs of the detachable controllers. Fortunately, a new pair of neon green Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons seem to be arriving at Best Buy.

A listing for the Joy-Con set has appeared on Best Buy’s official website, with reports saying that these will be exclusive to the retailer. Switch owners in North America can now pre-order the controllers, which have a release date of October 27th.

Before this listing, obtaining both a left and right green Joy-Con proved very difficult. While consumers in North America and Europe could purchase a right version separately, a set containing the left version would have to be imported from Japan.

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Green Joy-Cons

Source: [EBay]

Along with the green set, other colors will release on October 4th. One pair will contain a blue and neon yellow Joy-Con, while the other will have one neon orange and one neon purple Joy-Con.

This listing comes on the verge of multiple Switch owners reporting issues with Joy-Con analog sticks drifting during gameplay, otherwise known as Joy-Con Drift. While Nintendo is offering free repairs to owners experiencing this problem, some might just use the excuse to buy some new colors.

What do you think of these new green Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons? Will you pick up a pair? Let us know in the comments below! For more news updates, check out our articles on why Twitch is currently trending and the possible reveal of the next Need For Speed game. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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