According to recent leaks, the new Call of Duty will offer a 200-player battle royale game mode. This will be the largest battle royale lobby seen to date from any major company, doubling the player-count offered by Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops 4. The map is supposedly three times the size of Black Ops 4′s Blackout game mode.

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Changes from Blackout Battle Royale

This Twitter thread indicates that other features will include: a revive system, a cash mechanic and supply drops. Supply drops are featured in other battle royale games, such as H1Z1 Battle Royale and PUBG. The revive system was popularised by Apex Legends and has since been adopted by Epic in their title Fortnite. And instead of a ‘storm’, the game will feature a ring of gas that gets progressively smaller.

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The cash mechanic has also been discussed on Twitter and many believe that it will be similar to the zombies mechanic where points are traded for guns. Alternatively, others have speculated that the mechanic could work similarly to CS: GO’s store system. GamingIntel has reported that the cash system will be titled ‘Plunder’. This will allow players to collect money during games and keep it if they win. The players can then use this cash to purchase cosmetic items to use during online play. However, there is no concrete proof at this point, with Infinity Ward giving ‘no comment’ about the rumours.

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The game mode has reportedly been tested with 152 players and is functional in its current state. The game mode may look to be a more general battle royale experience and appeal to a wider audience than Blackout did. Removing weapon attatchments and having pre-set weapons that cannot be altered, much like Fortnite.

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