New AAA Game Development Team Forms For Xbox

A new game development studio might give Microsoft that advantage that it needs. The Initiative was announced back in June of last year at E3, and since then the studio has been building in terms of staff and creativity. The Studio is located in sunny Santa Monica, similar to other studios such as Naughty DogActivision Blizzard, and TreyarchThe Initiative had released a video on the 11th of March showing us a look into their studio and who the staff are, and the staff are no joke.

The staff includes Annie Lohr, who is a recruiter who previously worked at Respawn Entertainment, Riot Games, and Treyarch. Darrell Gallagher is the head of the studio and had previously worked at ActivisionSquare Enix, and Crystal Dynamics. The director of production is Brian Westergaard, who has worked on God of War, and Rise of the Tomb RaiderDrew Murray is the lead designer who had worked on Sunset Overdrive, and Resistance 3. As well as other member who have worked at 343 Industries and Xbox.

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It is unclear towards what exactly the developers are working on right now, whether it would be for this generation or the next. But it is possible that there could be a reveal at this years E3. The Studio is also looking to hire people who work well in the Art, Design, Engineering, Production, and Operation fields. If you are interested, you can check for more details here.

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