NBA 2K20 won’t trap players in an excessive grind to allow them to progress in the game. The most egregious example of this has been the 2018 edition of NBA 2K where players were basically forced to buy  Virtual Currency (VC) to avoid the grind. But, with NBA 2K20, that won’t happen anymore, as said by Erick Boenisch, Visual Concepts Senior Producer, to USgamer.

“We didn’t want people to feel like they were so trapped in this grind anymore.”


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“For us, it’s really important that our customers feel perceived value in the game. We’ve designed the game such that everything like that is supplemental. It’s there, it’s optional if you want, but everything has to feel natural. It can’t be like a mobile game where you eventually hit a paywall. We never hit that in NBA 2K, and I think that’s a really important point to drive home.”

NBA 2K20


NBA 2K20‘s new progression system

NBA 2K20 will feature a new Dynamic Progression, for players that reach level 95. In opposite of what happened in previous chapters of the series, this system allows avoiding the tedious grind. The level will be based on skill so that it will depend on the performances on the court.

“It’s a quicker way to play the game. It keeps your attention from start to finish, and you’re not going to hit that point where you hit 70 or 71 and you feel like you have so much more to go. This year it just keeps flowing really nicely. It took six years, but we finally hit that mark where it feels right.”

That said, VC will keep being present in the game. The difference is that this year, the progression in the game will be faster than before. The VC should, instead, become an option always available, but it won’t feel mandatory to progress, anymore.

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