NASCAR Heat 2 brings the fast-paced stock car racing to consoles once again. Though it holds a lot of comparisons to its predecessor NASCAR Heat Evolution, developers Monster Games have included more improvements and features to create an all-around better racing experience. Published by 704 Games, Heat 2 brings your favorite stock car races to life and lets you just almost feel what it is like to be an up and coming NASCAR driver. The game has exhilarating graphics and realistic sounds, fun to play career mode and tests your skills you with the games challenge mode.


Monster Games did an amazing job on bringing your favorite racing tracks to life. The game has 29 tracks in total and features dirt tracks, classic oval tracks, and much more. The visuals for this game truly enhances the experience. While this isn’t a native 4K game, it still has crisp colors that really show off the cars that you will be racing. The sounds bring the roar of the stock car engines to your ears making it feel as though you are literally sitting among motorsport legends.

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Green flag, More Like Yellow Flag

The load times during the races are what brings this game down. During multiple races, there have been times when I have been passing other drivers and the game bugs out for a couple of seconds. The load times lag enough for you to easily notice. This has happened to me on both offline and online modes. You can still play with this happening but it is definitely a drawback to what should be a seamless race. There isn’t much commentary on this game either unless it is your spotter on your team letting you know when a driver is about to pass you or when you are in the outside lane too much. The spotter also tells you if you are too much on the outside and will sometimes give you some driving tips so listen well. I was expecting more so of sports commentary like you would hear if you were watching a real race.

To begin your career I would first advise you to create your own character. You can pick your facial hair, eye colors and even jaw lines if you wanted to! As well as creating your character, you can also make one custom car for each racing division.  You can pick your colors, sponsors, and wheel colors and styles for your motorcar. Although, you never really see your face don’t worry too much about tailoring the perfect face for your more ideal self.

Solo Play

The career mode starts you out as a “hot seat” driver going week to week waiting for job offers. Once you get an offer, you have to place in a certain number position to and once you do you get a couple thousand dollars. You work your way up working for various racing teams until the day comes where you find a permanent team. The money you earn has no benefits whatsoever but, it is really fun watching your bank climb well into the hundreds of thousands. Challenges mode has 29 separate challenges that really test your driving abilities. You can expect in one challenge, to complete and win a race with limited fuel or in some cases avoid damaging your racing vehicle.

Other than the career there isn’t really a whole lot to do in this game. There is a multiplayer mode that you can race with up to 39 other online racers. The game does a good job on showing you how many racers there are online and how many lobbies are active.


The game has been fun and if you are a NASCAR fan this game is a must own. The sense of progression as I worked my way up the ladder and earning multiple thousand dollars a race is what made most enjoyable for me. The visuals and sounds of the engines bring this game together and make it every NASCAR fans dream game. Although the game is lacking in things to do, it was fun to race and compete with the NASCAR greats that I watch on the weekends. There will be DLC updates for this game and will bring more tracks and challenges to keep you busy.


NASCAR The Heat 2 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

Audio is stunning
Brings NASCAR to life
Adrenaline packed racing
Lagging in game
Lacking in individual progression rewards

Review Summary

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