New Mythical Pokemon, Zarude Has A New Signature Move Jungle Healing Revealed

Last month, Pokemon revealed a new mythical Pokemon for the 8th generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Along with the news of the new Pokemon Movie Coco, the new mythical was shown to be Zarude.

What do we Know of Zarude’s New Move?

A month onwards, it has been revealed that this mythical Pokemon has a special move known as Jungle Healing. Jungle Healing is a grass-type move that will allow Zarude, at the moment, to heal his HP in battle. Jungle Healing heals any ally Pokemon on the field, as well as curing any negative status conditions. Not all details on the move are known at this current moment in time, however.

In the below image obtained, you can see Zarude using the move Jungle Healing in battle against an opposing Pokemon.

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Zarude using Jungle Healing


As well as the new move, Jungle Healing also seems to have its own unique animation within Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This is bound to excite Pokemon fans who have been hoping since Sword & Shield’s release to see moves with improved animations.

Zarude Jungle Healing Animation


How Will Zarude and Jungle Healing be Obtained?

At the moment it is still unsure how Zarude will be obtained by players in Europe. Pokemon Sword & Shield players in Japan being able to obtain both the mythical Zarude and a shiny Celebi by pre-ordering tickets for the Pokemon movie Coco. Pokemon Coco is still set to debut in theaters on July 10th despite pressing world matters.

How do you feel about Zarude’s signature move? Will you be going to see the mythical in its movie debut in the movie Pokemon Coco? If you wish to read more Pokemon related articles by us at Culture of Gaming then check out our review of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX or our wish-list for future Pokemon titles!


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