Video games are popular among teenagers and youngsters, as they help them enter a new realm. There has been a debate on whether video games help children and youngsters develop harmoniously or just make them develop unhealthy skills. The truth is, there are over 1.5 billion video gamers and their number will continue to rise in the next few years.

The industry of EA Sports has drawn the attention of the entire planet, and studies and research were conducted to find out the benefits (or disadvantages) of playing video games. I found this subject quite interesting so I decided to talk about it in my dissertation. How did I write my dissertation on my gaming experience? You’ll find out if you continue reading.

Choosing the Dissertation Topic

One of the most challenging parts is deciding what you want to write your dissertation on. Many students explore a multitude of domains and subjects, but the truth is, this is your choice. You will spend some time researching and reading studies or books on your dissertation. So why not choose a subject you are keen on? Many university students think that they need to choose a topic related to their education. But even though you have not learned about IT, video games, technology, or another related topic, you can link and develop it. I knew I wanted to write a dissertation based on my gaming experience. However, I didn’t have creativity on my side, so I started considering to hire a writer to write my dissertation. You can ask for dissertation writing help from any writing service and they will help you. Writing your dissertation is a process that develops and improves your skills, so you can get the help of professional writers on proofreading or editing. This being said, after further research and discussion with some of my colleagues and other professional writers, I decided to write about the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games.

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The topic is quite generous, there are a lot of studies that followed professional video gamers to see how they have improved their skills. Moreover, I had my experience of playing video games for quite some time, so the information resources were accessible.

Start with a Literature Review

You might feel defeated by the huge amount of words you need to write for your dissertation. But as long as you choose a topic you like, as I did with video games, the research you will need to do will be interesting and captivating.

For example, in my research, I tried to find evidence-based studies and research, done by high authoritative sources. I tried to look at the psychological effects video games have on those who play them. I thus found out that playing video games is linked to improved social skills and health in children. The review of the literature will support your next point: the methodology.

The Methodology

Here I described how I decided to write my dissertation and collect the data. I even decided to ask my fellow video gamers to fill in a survey on the perceived benefits of playing video games. Here I also described how I decided to analyze the data, what tools did I use, and described the challenges that I met.


One of the most important chapters of your dissertation is the result section. The literature review on playing video games showed me that there is a debate on this topic. A part of scientists says that playing video games improves the reasoning, logical skills, perception, or memory of the gamers.

Another part of the science world says that playing video games is a sign of laziness and that they can lead to depression and anxiety. Of course, I was myself captivated by this debate and tried to identify an objective truth I could derive from the answers to my survey.

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The Last Two Chapters: Discussion and Conclusion

The last two chapters in my dissertation focused on my results. I have tried to argue, with scientific arguments and research, that playing video games is not as bad as it is seen. Many parents try to keep their children away from video games, although they have an important impact on and nurture the development of cognitive skills. However, what I tried to clarify was that not all types of video games come with the same benefits. For example, shooter games improve the spatial reasoning of the players. But this effect is not present in the case of puzzles or other types of games.

So, how did I write an incredible games-based dissertation? By following the steps presented ahead and immersing myself in the wonderful world of video games and their benefits.


Author Bio: Vendy Adams has two hobbies: writing and playing video games. She tried to combine them, so now she is a daily contributor to writing services on gaming topics. She has studied the effects of video games on human development.

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