My experience shopping at GameStop (#1)

GameStop. Everyone knows about GameStop. A large store based off video games, stocked with video games from top to bottom. And everyone knows about the horror stories about GameStop. The horror of having to sell “X” number of preorders, the horror of having to sell “X” number of used products. Some would defend GameStop claiming that it is a business.

A business is a business, after all.

I have personally tried to stay away from GameStop. As I have grown older I spend my money elsewhere. I often go to GameStop as a last resort. I prefer Target and Walmart. I never shop at Target and Walmart for video games. And I still preferred Target and Walmart over GameStop.

So why do I dislike GameStop?

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It was May 23, 2017. I had bought a Nintendo Switch on Mar. 3, 2017, on its launch date. I bought my Nintendo Switch at Target. not at GameStop. I had a new job: I was a server at Annapurna’s. I got my first check before May 23, 2017. I survived the first month of working at Annapurna’s.

Disgaea 5 released for the Nintendo Switch on May 23, 2017. I was driving down Paseo in Albuquerque. I had plans to buy Disgaea 5 for the Nintendo Switch on release. The trailers looked promising. I had no games for the Nintendo Switch except Breath of the Wild. I enjoyed Breath of the Wild. Yet I spent three hundred dollars on my Nintendo Switch. There was an obligation to play as many games as possible. Three hundred dollars was a lot at the time.

Three hundred dollars is still a lot for a piece of technology.

Target was my first destination. The Target at Paseo and Louisiana. I parked and slammed the doors to my car on my way out. Target’s doors slid away while my feet pushed forward towards the back of the store. The back of the store was autographed in electronics. It was a graveyard in the Nintendo Switch section.

I searched and swam through the Nintendo Switch section. I squatted and loomed and towered above the games, just searching. Breath of the Wild, Tetris, no Disgaea 5. I asked, prayed, and hoped that Disgaea 5 would be in the back stored away in a box. No luck. They simply did not have Disgaea 5 in stock.

I thought and thought. Then it clicked. It made sense why they did not have the game I desired. The Disgaea franchise simply was not huge at the time. The only place that may carry the game I desired… was GameStop.

GameStop was a last resort option.

Unfortunately, I had to visit. I just wanted to purchase a game and leave. I had a simple objective yet I knew I was going to get pressured about preordering some product I have no interest in.

I was planning to meet up with a friend. I continued my journey down the busy, rumbling, bubbling streets of Paseo. Hitch off and tag out on Coors.

GameStop on Paseo and Coors. I had a simple goal. I just wanted to purchase a game and leave. I don’t want you to push upcharges down my throat. I want to simply pull out with my game and leave. I pulled open the doors. The white sunlight poached the black carpeting. My blue Vans branded in white Snoopy tags pressed against the black carpeting. I was greeted and welcomed. Perhaps my trip would be quick.

But alas, it’s GameStop; my trip would be longer than it should be.

My shoes thumped against the carpet until they braked and stopped at the counter. I wondered and asked if they had Disgaea 5. The cashier chuckled and grinned, and I received a response of “no”.

I did not buy it. Silenced with no response, the room froze for a few seconds. Apparently, the gentlemen at the counter was joking. He told me they had six copies. The key latched and turned the drawer that housed several games. The fingers weaved and flipped through enveloped discs and sealed cases. The game strung and webbed its way towards the counter in front of my eyes.

Disgaea 5, complete included all the DLC and cost a grand total of sixty dollars. I also received a bonus… which included a lecture about “how I MUST preorder my games from now on”.

The only preaching I should be getting is from the priest. GameStop would apparently no longer be receiving additional copies of certain games outside of preorders. These were valid arguments. The professionalism and delivery were terrible though. I felt like my right hand was being twisted and burned to a crisp.

I was being lectured on how I must preorder my games and how I have no other option. I knew I was receiving this lecture because the employees needed to boost their numbers. Yet I felt like I was being forced into buying products that I simply had no interest in.

I was annoyed and angry, that I was being forced into preordering products that I may have no interest in, and because I could not purchase a game and simply leave. My game was being rung out. The total was over sixty dollars after tax. Once again, I received a bonus discussion after my lecture. A bonus discussion asking if I would like to preorder any games.

I simply said “no”.

Your lecture was unjustified and did not sway my opinions. Instead all you did was annoy me and anger me.

I don’t like shopping at GameStop because I end up being constantly badgered with preorder questions or unnecessary questions that force me into spending more money. May 23, 2017 only added another reason to hate GameStop. I felt pressured into buying a product because an employee rudely told me that I simply “must”.

The biggest surprise was when I refused to preorder any games when asked the third time. I simply just want to purchase a game and leave. I have no interest in preordering a game.

Why do you like or dislike GameStop? What poor or great shopping experiences have you had at GameStop? Have you too had a horror experience like mine? Let us know here at Culture of Gaming.


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