Moro is Screwed! Ultra Instinct Omen Goku Arrives in Dragon Ball Super Manga!

From the Beginning of the Moro Arc

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 was released and we see what happens after the Galactic Patrol member Merus involves himself in universal affairs which in turn causes Goku to finally trigger Ultra Instinct Omen! If this is your first time reading Dragon Ball Super Manga you may want to start at the beginning of the Moro arc (Vol. 9 Chapter 43) but I will summarize as best as possible:

  • Majin Buu is kidnapped, Goku & Vegeta respond to try to rescue only to find out the captors are Galactic Patrol and also captured the Saiyans. They are introduced to the patrol’s best agent; Merus.
  • Instead of being held captive Jaco & Merus explained the situation and has given a mission to both Goku & Vegeta that a prisoner named Moro has escaped and is extremely dangerous as he is a planet eater by absorbing the life force of all living things and it took the Grand Supreme Kai to use his God Power to seal Moro away. Which time passes later and Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai.
  • Goku & Vegeta become honorary Galactic Patrol members to find out that Moro and his band of escaped prisoners are heading to New Namek to obtain the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Moro makes quick work of Goku & Vegeta in multiple skirmishes so begrudgingly they have to retreat and plan their next point of attack. All the while Vegeta is looking for forgiveness from the Namekians for the actions he caused on their former planet.
  • Moro obtains the Namekian Dragon Balls to make a wish while the Saiyans make plans to power up and get stronger for their rematch with Moro.
  • Goku ends up training with Merus who is hiding something from the Galactic Patrol. Vegeta hitches a ride to the Planet Yardrat to complete the training that Goku was unable to.
  • Moro gathers word of Earth. His scouts arrive ahead of him to scan the city only to be welcomed by the Z Team (Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien & Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, Yamcha and later on Androids 17 & 18). They have also been inducted as honorary Galactic Patrol agents to buy some time before Moro arrives while Goku & Vegeta finishes their training.
  • Moro finally arrives, the Z Team are unable to stop him. Goku arrives improved but is unable to get the victory. Vegeta Instant Transmissioned in time to save Goku.
  • Vegeta has also improved immensely by draining Moro‘s life force and almost had the victory until Moro had his back up plan by absorbing Android 73 who had a back up copy of Moro. Moro transforms and demolishes both Saiyans until Agent Merus arrives in time for a final gambit.
  • You come to find out that Agent Merus is in fact an Angel still in training and Whis’s brother. Merus is not allowed to intercede in universal affairs but that doesn’t stop Merus from helping out his friends and exact justice! Merus with his final attack starts to fade but not before he tells Goku that his training is complete.

Now Here we are in Chapter 64

Goku feeling the loss of Merus, examines what he has learned from his training and getting to know the now vanished Angel. Goku asked for some why Jaco joined the Galactic Patrol. After receiving his response Moro recovered. Now Goku has declared that defeating Moro is now his job. Goku commences to power up to Ultra Instinct Omen on command!


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Suddenly the mood changes. Moro is feeling the pressure, Goku in all Ultra Instinct Omen goodness approaches with a confidence and glare that even gives Moro a reason to fear. Moro attempts to attack but it was all futile as Goku dodging all attacks without looking. Even to the point of putting his hands behind his back to give Moro a chance to land anything. None of Moro’s attacks land and Goku with the slightest effort of flexing his wrist sends Moro flying! The peak of this chapter is Goku putting Moro in a Ki hold, positions his body and gives the most Dragon Fist of Dragon Fists I’ve ever seen! It makes the planet vibrate for Kami’s sake!


Finally we see Moro begging for his life as all villains do and Goku ask for a final confirmation regarding Moro’s sentence; which is death. So Goku requests to face Moro as a Human rather than a representative of the Galactic Patrol.

Final Thoughts on Chapter 64 & Hopes for Chapter 65

This is what we have been waiting for as the arc started! Moro finally getting his comeuppance from all the death and destruction he and his prisoner crew has caused. Merus in the ultimate sacrifice set Goku up for success and Goku delivered immensely! The usual trope would be for Goku to let the villain go with a possibility to either counter attack or start a redemption of some sort. I really hope this isn’t the case! Moro knows full well what he has done in the past and present. Moro gots to go!

We also have the repercussions of what Merus has done and that Whis didn’t exactly hardline report Merus’ actions outright. So we’ll have to see what the Grand Priest’s reaction to this will be in the future chapters. Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super will be available around October 18th – 20th.

What are your thoughts on the chapter of Dragon Ball Super? What are you expecting the conclusion will be? Let us know in the comments! Looking for more Dragon Ball coverage take a look at my articles on Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FightersZ! Also check back Culture of Gaming for all your gaming news and coverage!

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