When it comes to cross-overs in video games, they tend to be few and far between. The most popular games that made it into the category were such titles as Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars. Capcom, though, is known for its multitude of crossovers and their rousing success in the gaming world. Their biggest hit so far is with Monster Hunter World, the most recent title in the Monster Hunter series.

To add to their extensive crossover resume, Capcom has decided to bring in three Resident Evil 2 characters for their Iceborne event: Claire, Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Mr. X.

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In the trailer, we witness an insane battle between zombified Hunters and beasts out in the wild. Does this mean we’ll be able to gather a team of zombies and eat the monsters we hunt? As a fan of Resident Evil myself, being a zombie is always a welcome change to the normal look.

And it if wasn’t obvious from the body language, Mr X. is looking to be a skin for the Handler. For those of you on the bandwagon, imagine “waifu Handler” looking like a grey-skinned humanoid. In addition to the slightly flirtatious Handler looking like a burn victim, a new monster known as Rajang enters the Monster Hunter World. Will you be able to stop the Minotaur?

Capcom has shared the Iceborne event will take place in November. There is no word yet on the exact date of the event’s release. Check back with us to keep posted!

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