Monster Hunter World Iceborne received its first big free update.  The update 11.01 on Playstation 4 or on Xbox One, enriches the title with new end game content. Among which the most significant introduction is the Rajang. As announced in September, the terrible Rajang made its return in Monster Hunter.

The Rajang is a ruthless beast that “offers a challenge for even the most experienced hunters.” But it won’t be possible to hunt it immediately. It’s necessary, in fact, to have completed a series of steps first.

You won’t be able to hunt the Rajang until you’ve finished the main story campaign of  Iceborne. Then you need to have visited the Guiding Lands at least once. Once you’ve done this, you can start the Special Assignment (Rajang) by talking to the Admiral.

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Alongside the return of the Rajang, the update brings some additions, changes, and bug fixes to Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World

Source: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Rajang Trailer

These are a few changes introduced by the update:

  • Tempered Gold Rathian and Tempered Silver Rathalos now appear in the Guiding Lands,
  • Expansion of the weapons augmentation and custom upgrades,
  • Forgeable layered armour lineup added to feature some of the High-Rank designs,
  • It’s possible to make your room public to other players. Plus a room-exclusive chat and a music player for changing the music in your room are now present,

Monster Hunter World Iceborne’ s update also adjusted the Guiding Lands’ gameplay.

  • By adjusting the region level change fluctuation, the drop rate of special tracks obtained from monsters.
  • Also, now the region level can be fixed, and the Expedition Objective has been added to fixed region play.
  • Lastly, locating monsters in the Guiding Lands will no longer affect region level.

You can read the complete list of the update’s changes on Capcom-Unity. The update’s size is 1.3 GB, and it’s necessary to play online.

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