If there is one thing that can be said about PC gaming, it is that it can be rather fun to mod the heck out of your favorite games. While it may not have been the intention those who put the game out, there’s no denying that there are some very creative modders out there who can add so much spice to games.
While there are plenty of games we can talk about in the world of mods, today, we will revisit the world of Street Fighter V. With a roster sitting at around 35 characters, you can imagine that there’s a wide variety of mods that can exist for each one. These can range from other video game characters, movie icons and even real people such as Zangief player Snake Eyes and Maximilian as Ken.

Official or Mods?

Part of me loves to think it is because of these fantastic mods, Capcom wanted to make sure that their actual “official costumes” would be just as good, if not better. You can point towards several of your personal favorites, and while you should definitely support the official costumes (that is if you want to support them), there’s no denying that seeing non-Capcom characters in Street Fighter can be lots of fun to watch. Previously, I did a similar article on Street Fighter 5 Mods covering my Personal Wishlist of “Overwatch Modded characters.” It was a fun little list and while they have made none of them yet, I can at least say having Ashe as Falke was ingenious. Although I feel like she might be missing something…

So as a fun revisit to a previous article I‘ve done on Culture of Gaming, I thought it would be fun to see how the various kinds mods that have hit the scene lately and some fun standouts that show just how crazy some mods can get. This will be as far from a definitive list of Mods to get, but if you guys enjoy these suggestions, maybe we will revisit this in the future and maybe with other titles. Until then those, here are some of my favorite standouts. Also, prepare to see a couple more “THE JAMNK” creations since these are still some of the standouts in my opinion.

Rashid as The Flash by THE JAMK

To get this started right, let’s look at one of the earlier mods that has DC‘s Speeder Extraordinaire. While it might seem silly to see The Flash smiling as much as Rashid, I can’t help but love and respect the creative choice here.  If you played the Injustice games, you might be one of those who looked at The Flash and said, “he doesn’t really move as fast as he should, does he?” Nothing against Netherrealm, but it seems like if you put in the fastest man alive, he should be much faster than he was. If you want to know what I mean, check out this fun video discussing the issues with Flash.

Here in Street Fighter V though, having a Flash skin for Rashid is brilliant for a wide range of reasons. Rashid is definitely one of the faster characters on roster and is rather light on his feet. Even more than just how fast he can be would also be his ability to kick up tornados; something to which you could say Flash can do quite easily too (or at least move his arms fast enough to generate tornadoes). Even that silly super would seem like something flash could do. Overall, if you wanted to have a silly and fun skin for Rashid, you can’t go wrong with The Flash.

Kage as Lord Drakkon by Monkeygigabuster

Kage was the latest character to join the roster, and many fans were excited to have Evil Ryu join the roster (even though this technically wasn’t Evil Ryu). While some were excited to see what Kage would bring to Street Fighter V, others felt like this was Capcom’s way of bringing in Evil Dan without adding him into the game.  I thought the chances were pretty good that someone was going to mod in “Evil Dan” for Kage, but I couldn’t find it. But what I found instead was some who is even more evil.

For those who might be in the dark here, Lord Drakkon is an Older, Crueler and Overall Eviler version of the Green Ranger from Power Rangers after he absorbed the powers of the white ranger. There is plenty of history that goes into this character, and let’s just say that he is seen as a “Be all, end off” villain in the Power Rangers comics. So if you have a monstrous Lord of Evil running around, why not have him modded as one of the darker characters in Street Fighter V? Yeah, you could have given it to Akuma too, but Kage‘s does seem to fit his personality just a bit better.  Now all we need is Lord Darkkon vs the Ryu Ranger and the magic will be complete.

And yes, Ryu Ranger was a thing too and Ryu was in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.  This mod was also made by Monkeygigabuster.  Thank you for your hard work. ^__^

Necalli as Orochi Iori by The JAMK

It would be great to see if in an upcoming season, Capcom went crazy and made a full season of guest characters. They wouldn’t need to go as far as what Tekken 7 did, but it would be great to see fighting game icons come into Street Fighter V to throwdown with the rest of the cast. While there are plenty of characters you can pick from that you can mod into the game, I wanted to highlight at least one of the standouts for me for a character that usually wouldn’t see many mods.

Orochi Iori is the “Evil Ryu” of the King of Fighters series. In this form, Iori becomes a much more dangerous fighter as his has a raw animal-like mentality who slashes apart anyone who gets in his way. Considering the personality Necalli has, it seems like the two go hand in hand already. That and that Iori’s attacks can have purple flames to them like which is what we can also see from some of Necalli‘s attacks too. Perhaps, we will get to see crossover fighters come into play, but until then, we can at least have mods help fill in that void.

G as Q by PFunkk and SleepingMaster

Ok, so this one might be cheating compared to the other ones on my list.  Technically, G already has a Q outfit of sorts in the game already, but I‘m sorry, this one takes the cake.

Now the actual model itself was created by PFunkk, who previously made this mod for M. Bison at a time when G wasn’t in the game. Later, user Sleepingmaster would take the model of Q and fix it up proper to not only work with G, but also to fix up so there wouldn’t be as many technical issues with him. It is a great to see something like this happen and really I can‘t think of the words to express my thoughts properly here. While we likely won’t get to see the roster expand out as vastly to include everyone, we can at least say it is nice to see one of the mysterious underdogs get his time to shine.

Abigail as The Juggernaut by THE JAMK

Street Fighter has seen a wide range of big boys join in the various games. With characters like Zangief, Hugo and Alex, it can be hard to say how much bigger they can get. At least until Abigail came into the picture. It might seem insane to think that they would make a character so huge in Street Fighter V, but there’s no denying that Abigail can be a nightmare when you gets going.  Almost like he’s… Unstoppable.

The Doomsday mod of Abagail was amazing. I would have put that on the list, but I feel like Doomsday wouldn’t be as goofy as Abigail, so that might have been a stretch.  For Juggernaut though, you can at least say he doesn’t take his opponent seriously. He is an unstoppable force who could seem like he toys with his opponent because he knows most them can’t do anything to stop him.  It also helps that one of Abigail’s moves is almost like a rip of Juggernaut’s iconic shoulder tackle form the Marvel vs Capcom series. Love or hate the guy, this was fun way to help bring comic characters into the world of Street Fighter.

G as Michael Jackson by Sargastigasm

When we first saw G arrive onto the scene, the best way to describe him would be a blonde, muscular Abe Lincoln. It wasn’t until after we saw his official gameplay and story, we saw just how charismatic he can really be. I mean, he’s the president of the Earth and seems to pose after every single move he does. To try to give him, you need someone who has just as much charisma as him. So why not use the King of Pop himself?

Just like the Q mod up top, this mod also modded the voice here so we have the sounds of Michael Jackson to enjoy during fights. It makes me recall the days of MUGEN where you can have a playable Jackson where he had his various (what I‘ll call) “Jackson Sounds” on display. He had his various “WOO!” or “Dun nun nun!” mixed in with his attacks and the movements, and it makes me think that Capcom had put them into G almost as a tribute due to how well it works.  It’s fun to hear Jackson say you got struck by a Smooth Criminal for his super. If you haven’t seen this mod in action, get on it immeidately since this is hilarious and amazing.

So, What Do You Think?

Are there any favorites you didn’t see highlighted that you think should get showcased for next time? And are there any other games you‘d like to see get their mods shown off next? Right now, I’m at the wide range of mods being done with Jump Force. Maybe for next time we may show a few of those off, but I probably may want to wait a bit longer just in case.  I need more ammo than just “Shaggy using 2% of his power”

Well until we dive into that insanity, be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more fun editorials highlighting the brilliance of modders and other things in the gaming world.

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