2019 is shaping up to give us so many great fighting games. With Mortal Kombat 11 coming in a few weeks and Samurai Shodown preparing for summer, you can’t go wrong with any game that let fists fly and weapons clash. Depending on who you ask though, there is one exception, and it was sadly a highly-anticipated title too: Jump Force.

Acting as a sequel to J-Stars Victory VS, Jump Force had an amazing presentation and an interesting premise of Jump characters in the real world. All of that though sadly came to a screeching halt though when reviews came in and many had mixed feelings about it. Whether if the story was too convoluted, or the fighting was too shallow, it didn’t grab many people’s attention when it came out back in February.

Is it a bad game? I wouldn’t be able to say myself since I passed it up. If you enjoy the game, then all the more power to you. Otherwise, if you didn’t, you probably find yourself in good company saying the same thing. Still, if there was one way to spruce up the game, it is through the mod community and the work put in to make the game really stand out. While I made a small mention about the modding community back in my SFV Mod article, I wanted to wait to see what brilliant creations some can make to share them with you today. So let’s dive right into it, here are what I would say are some of the best mod creations in Jump Force.

Kurapika as Spider-Man by Beyonders

Normally when you go ahead to mod Spider-Man onto a character, it would be to highlight how someone can be as agile as everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Nothing wrong with that since Spider-Man‘s moves focuses more on fast strikes rather than being a powerhouse. But it is rare to consider using Spider-Man for his other unique trait: his webs. Considering how he uses his webbing to either trap or throws around the bad guys or other objects, it’s difficult to find a character who can do the same thing.

So let’s talk about Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. While he is an accomplished fighter in his own right, his Nen ability is a conjurer who can conjure up chains. In the story, he uses these chains to track down the gang of thieves that massacred his Clan. In-game, Kurapika can use his chains for extended in attacks alongside with grabbing onto the enemy and binding them in the chains. While it may not be exactly like Spider-Man’s means of fighting, it’s fun to pretend what it would be like if he used his webs for more powerful strikes. That and Kurapika is also rather agile too, so he would make for a good Spider-Man alternative.

It might look silly to see Spider-Man’s movements, but I would say his representation is rather spot on here. Plus, it would be hard to say what other mod you could put on Kurapika that would make sense, but if you know of any others, be sure to leave them down below in the comments.

Kaguya as All For One by TheLeonX

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always found Kaguya’s involvement at the end of Naruto to be rather nonsensical. It would be like if you had the Emperor from Star Wars suddenly stabbed in the back by Snoke and have George Lucas suddenly say, “Snoke was the real bad the entire time!” Regardless of how I feel about her, her fighting style is certainly something that is unique to her. Who could you use here that could represent her properly?  Well, how about another all-powerful villain from My Hero Academia?

All For One is perhaps one of the biggest threats in My Hero Academia, even though he is currently imprisoned in-story. What makes him so dangerous is his quirk that lets him steal other people’s quirks and use it himself; so basically he is that one kid on the playground that says, “My superpower is to have all the superpowers I want.” Joking aside though, his fighting style, while not fully emulating Kaguya, gets fairly close to it.

The only problem with this mod is because Kaguya technically has no legs in-game (or rather doesn’t really use them since she is flying), it can look like All For One is t-posing while he fights. Despite this though, it can be rather fun to think of what he could be capable of if he really was in Jump Force. A shame too considering All Might is on standby as the next DLC character. Maybe next time.

DIO Over Heaven by UltMa647

On my last Mod Showcase, I had a “Cheat Entry” showcasing a mod for G dressed as Q. It‘s silly to do a showcase a mod that is the same character or a spiritual successor. There can usually be exceptions to this small rule I set for myself and here’s another one.

In JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, the game introduces us to “Heaven Ascension DIO” who is DIO from an alternate timeline after killing off the Joestar bloodline at the end of Part 3. Because of this, DIO “obtained Heaven” and obtained god-like powers. This also included his stand “The World Over Heaven” which can “rewrite reality.” Needless to say, this form of DIO is probably just a slight bit broken.

The reason I enjoy this mod so much is because it is more than just changing DIO’s color scheme from yellow to white. You can see the various changes made to DIO that included longer hair, the “D“ on the neckpiece he is wearing, and how he wants you to know that he is DIO with his face and armbands showing his name. It isn’t a complete 1:1 recreation of DIO Over Heaven, but it is still an amazing mod that makes players feel like they are in control of a Vampire God. Fantastic work from UltMa647 with Zankye helping with the textures and SFX.

Also before we move on, an honorable mention to Matt from Wii Sports and his stand “Star Mattnium.”  It goes to show that Miis were never meant to be over six feet tall…

Because of course, you would give the most powerful Mii the most powerful Stand.

Ryo as Master Chief by TheOnifox

Do you know what they said about bringing a gun to a fist fight? Well, it seems like only Ryo Saeba was the only person who bothered bringing a gun. Ryo’s playstyle is unique since he uses his magnum in the middle of his combos. Not sure how effective a gun would be against Saiyans, Ninjas and a Rubber Man, but hey, if it gets the job done for the Sweeper.

Now you can likely look around the web and find plenty of mods that have Ryo in a variety of skins. One of the earliest was Ryo was Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, which was fitting since the Remake came out a few weeks prior. It‘s a good mod, but the true stand out is the poster boy of the Halo series himself: Master Chief.

The reason why I enjoy the Master Chief mod so much was because the modder went up and beyond to make the Chief feel like he brought his entire arsenal to the fight. He has his M6 handgun in place of the magnum, but the other weapons also got visual updates too. The Shotgun is the M90, the rocket launchers attack has Chief dual wielding grenade launchers, and he uses his own rocket launcher to start his ultimate attack. Best of all, you get to see Chief comes driving in with his Warthog before taking aim at the same explosive barrels from his game.

A lot of love went into the creation of Master Chief and it is incredible to see how well Chief could fit into Jump Force. Now if only there was a way to mod in those voice lines, and weapon effects, it would be the ultimate package.

So what do you think?

While it is hard to say what the future of Jump Force will be, the modders have had a field day with what they have implemented so far. There’s a good chance that we will see tons more as more characters join the cast, but for now, there is plenty to enjoy if one wanted to spice up their games with some hilarious but brilliant character mods. Also before you ask, “Vegeta as Shaggy” was mentioned in the last Mod Showcase, and there’s no reason to bring it up again. I will still share the video though since it is funny to watch Shaggy beat up the Jump Force cast.

So are there any other mods in Jump Force that you enjoy watching? And what do you hope modders might consider making later on based on the existing cast? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming highlighting the best of creative mods and other things in the gaming world.

As for next time on the Mod Showcase, I‘m not sure what fighting game we can cover next that has hilarious mods.  Hmm… What came before Ultra Instinct Shaggy? Wasn’t it Krumping Marge–oh no.

Next time On Dragon Ball FighterZ!

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