Minecraft announced its newest venture on its tenth anniversary. Titled, Minecraft Earth, the new game will be for mobile and uses the augmented reality capability of modern mobiles. the announcement was made on the 17th of May, 2019 on the Minecraft website in a post by Tom Stone, a creative communications assistant for Mojang. The reveal trailer appeared on the Minecraft YouTube channel on the same day.

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Stone posted to the Minecraft website detailing what we can expect upon the game’s release. Minecraft Earth features many of the mobs you know and love, along with a bunch of new ones we can’t wait to show you.” Stone wrote. we can expect the ability to build and team up with other Minecraft earth players. The game emphasises the fight for survival and so does Stone, he wrote  “…we’re going to put your survival skills to the test!” in his post.

The Minecraft team spoke out in regards to player safety. The game will have a report system that players can use in-game. Players and parents will have the ability to use an account management system to adjust both safety, and privacy concerns. The Minecraft team took a strong stance on player safety but emphasised that they’re “taking measures to make Minecraft Earth an enjoyable and reliable experience for all our players.” in the FAQ of the Minecraft Earth page.

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Reveal Trailer

The trailer has received over a million views in just a few days and has received over 50 thousand likes. At one minute and thirty seconds, the trailer doesn’t show us much and doesn’t include any gameplay. The reveal trailer details a young girl travelling her new town  Minecraft mobs and creations are shown around the town. We also see people building their own castles and houses that merge seamlessly with the real world.

The game doesn’t have a release date at this time but a closed beta will be rolled out to a select few who apply for the beta experience later this summer. Upon official release, the game will be free and available on all iOS and Android devices with the AR function.

Pokemon go is a good example of AR functionality which released in July 2016 to worldwide appeal. AR games are being released more frequently as mobile technology improves. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from Niantic released just this month to positive reviews. AR games have been performing well these past couple of years and the public seems to be all in for Minecraft Earth. Time will tell if Minecraft Earth can live up to the same praise as its predecessors. The public is optimistic.

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