Originally released in early 2015, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot was developed by Ubisoft Montreal as a PC game. Ultimately the servers and services shut down during October of 2016. Recently Ubisoft has brought the game to IOS and Android as a new release, bringing back the classic castle assault gameplay back to light. As a new release, we are taking a look at what the game offers.

First Impressions


So the most noticeable part of the game that stood out was the absence of the castle building mode. In the original game, there were two game modes:

  1. Castle assault where you attacked other player’s castles to earn rewards.
  2. Castle building where you designed your castle and fill it with traps and monsters which other players will ultimately have to get past.

It was a bit disappointing truth be told, and hopefully Ubisoft would bring back the castle building portion in the future.

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Gameplay and Art


Currently, the gameplay is a mix of a pseudo dungeon crawler and hack’n’slash. Very basic, but designed to be played with one hand. Tap to attack enemies, swipe to roll, and drag to move around. It’s very easy to pick up and can be strangely addicting to go through all the levels, especially since there is a hint of tactical thinking in rolling to avoid damage and grouping enemies. The difficulty is relatively easy, but it’s not designed to be the next Dark Souls so that’s fine.

The art is very wild and vivid, similar to that of Nonstop Knight, though I would put it as probably better. It’s more colourful and expressive with the animation and effects alone, but the equipment designs are more expansive in their range so cosmetic wise the game provides a lot to the player.

The aim of the game is also simple, loot dungeons and improve your gear. The problem, however, is that this can get repetitive at times as all Hack’n’slash games do. Normally games provide a lot of different play styles and options to explore, to incite the player to continuously come back to the game to experience something new. Mighty Quest forgoes the original four classes of Knight, Archer, Mage, and Runaway offered in the original game, and you just have the knight with a lot of equipment.

It. Gets. Stale.

The only saving grace is the PVP, but even then it’s blocked by an equipment gap for players that have played longer. So realistically speaking only veterans or players that pay would get further to fully enjoy the PVP. Which leads me to the biggest annoyance with a lot of mobile games.



The appeal of loot boxes and gacha systems is psychologically addicting to the player. In a sense it’s a form of gambling, but when games have PVP they should take into consideration that there will always be a gap between players IF you can buy to get ahead. Mighty Quest sadly does not do this.

In-app purchases to almost $100 an item, a stamina system, game passes, and as I mentioned already loot boxes. Once the campaign is done, PVP mode is all that’s left. The mode is pretty much dominated by veterans and paying players. It’s infuriating.


Ubisoft took away the majority of the original game that made it fun and unique, and gave us a quick cash in. Is it fun? Yes. Is it addicting? Also yes. But is this game something tempered and perfected with loving and care? You tell me. A lot of mobile games fall under this same problem, and Mighty Quest followed suit. If you’re looking for a time killer mobile hack’n’slash; this game is possibly the best of the genre right now. But I personally am not looking forward to this game.

Click here to download Mighty Quest For Epic Loot IOS.

Addicting and fun
Good art and vivid visuals
Lots of loot
Pay to win PVP
Worse than the original

Review Summary

Ubisoft Montreal’s Mighty Quest of Epic Loot was a great game that was a hidden gem with great potential. This re-release for the mobile does not live up to it’s predecessors standard and instead follows the common trend of other popular mobile games.

As a game, it’s very addicting but doesn’t offer a lot outside the PVP mode.

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