Microsoft Announce New Series X Features

As the launch day for the new generation draws closer, Microsoft have released some information in regards to their new flagship console. The official statement here.

The specs

Firstly focusing on the new spec information. The new Xbox will offer double the terraflops that the previous system offered with a total of twelve. You’d be forgiven for not exactly knowing what the relevance of terraflops are. So to simplify, the double in power will allow smooth frame rates of up to 120fps when combined with the standard 2.1 HDMI.

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Microsoft also rehashed some previously given information in regards to the SSD technology that will be implemented into the new console. Along with this though, they talked about their new ‘quick resume’ feature. This feature would act similar to a sleep mode in that player can now look forward to jumping into the exact states of play they left he game at. No more loading in at rough checkpoints.

Back And Forward Compatibility

However the most interesting new information was the inclusion of not only backwards compatibility but forward too. players will be able to buy titles on their Xbox One and waiting for them before they even purchase a Series X, will be a brand new fresh version for their new console. It’s an interesting development that will actively negate the need for the backwards compatibility discussion in future generations.

Xbox Game Pass also featured in the discussion as Microsoft ensured it would carry through to the new platform. Along with news that Halo: Infinite will be available on the service when the game releases which will be a massive draw for those not already using the service.

We still know very little about both the Series X and the PS5 as the holiday period gets closer by the day. However, from the information that we have so far, it’s clear to see that the technological advances will treat gamers to a smoother, more inclusive and more convenient experience when playing their favourite titles.

What would you like to see Microsoft do this console generation? Do you think E3 will be a massive opportunity for Microsoft to make their mark on the generation? What launch titles are you expecting for either console? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you like this content then why not check out our thoughts on E3 as it is now. Or why not check out our list of the best launch titles for each top selling console. As always, thanks for reading COG.


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