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Back in 2013, we we’re introduced to Microsoft’s next evolution in the console gaming world. The Xbox One was unleashed to the world and it boasted a much more powerful system than its predecessor the Xbox 360.

Now it’s time for the original Xbox One, to “step aside” and let its more powerful adversaries take the lime light. This should not come as a surprise seeing that we have the Xbox One S at an affordable price tag, and we are less than a few months away till the next iteration of the Xbox One family is released to the world – The Xbox One X.

Another reason why this shouldn’t come as a surprise is that from a marketing perspective it would only help complicate things to have 3 different types of Xbox One consoles simultaneously on the market.

The only thing that was offered by the original Xbox One that didn’t and will not carry over to later iterations of the Xbox One is the Kinect port. Whether it was due to a lack of support, trying to reduce the overall size of the Xbox One or both, the Kinect port was dropped from future Xbox One consoles.

So unless you are devoted to having an Xbox One that you can use your Kinect on, then it’s time to leave behind the original Xbox One, and move onto smaller and better things like the Xbox One S or the upcoming Xbox One X.

How do you feel about the original Xbox One no longer being available to be purchased? Do you agree with Microsoft’s strategy? Please let us know in the comments below.

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