The Xbox Live Creators program officially launched today. The program looks set to inspire more creative freedom in the Xbox indie community. Microsoft’s program, which will run on both Windows 10 and Xbox Live, garnered praise from both developers and gamers today. Developers will now be able to launch games directly onto the Xbox Live marketplace and Windows Play Store.

A number of games published through the Xbox Live Creators program are available now on the Xbox Live marketplace. The “Creator Collection” features 9 Indie games so far, but with the program’s official launch more are sure to follow soon. While the program is still in its early stages, its potential is clearly visible.

Creators will be able to create with impunity. The certification process is now streamlined and concept approval has been removed. Perhaps most importantly, alpha and beta versions of games will be publishable. This means that indie developers will be able to gain valuable insight and audience reactions to their product at important development stages. The program should bring more interesting new titles to the marketplace soon. One of the games you can pick up right now is Derelict Fleet, a space combat game with a great retro feel. The shooter from Bionic Pony has seen some success on Steam, and is just one of many interesting games in the collection.

Have you had a chance to try out any of the games in the Creator Collection yet? Or are you a budding developer itching for an opportunity to try the program out? Let us know in the comments below.


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