As a proud holder of an Xbox game pass, I get a lot of benefits for free. Well not really free and not a lot of benefits mostly just games. But one of those games happened to be the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Mega Man has always been a franchise that always looked appealing to me but I never got into it because I am very bad at video games. Luckily, with the Mega Man Legacy, Collection Backbone Entertainment and Capcom added a feature that I desperately needed. Save states.

If you have read my look back at Vectorman, then you will know that I am a big fan of emulators and anything that can make a classic game easier. I almost always prefer a modern remake or remaster to the original. Mostly because I can usually complete the newer version. I still love retro games though despite my lack of skill. These are the games I grew up with. The games that made me love video games today!

Beginning My Journey

That’s why I was so excited for the Mega Man Legacy Collection. It’s a whole collection of retro games that I never played before. And best of all it’s dumbed down for dummies like myself. I booted up the Collection. Selected the original Mega Man and jumped right in. I was instantly destroyed. These games were supposed to be difficult but this was just unfair. It felt like an old arcade machine that was intentionally designed to be unfair to eat up more quarters from customers.

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Simply by playing video games for as long as I have, I have learned a little about Mega Man. Even though I have never played this game, I knew that Cut Man can be easily defeated with just the Mega Buster. After several trials of making the tiniest bit of progress, saving, progress, saving and so on. I moved on through Cut Man’s stage with all the speed of a snail on top of a glacier. Finally, I made it to the robot master. I remembered to save right before the fight. Fight, die, load, repeat until finally, success!

The First Bad Ice Level?

After that, I had no idea what to do. I looked up the recommended order to defeat the robot masters and continued down this path until that one ice stage. Ice Man’s stage. I wonder if this is the stage that birthed all bad ice levels after it. It certainly is one of the worst ice stages I’ve ever played.

Here’s the thing about Mega Man’s platforming. It wants to be precise. It is not precise but it wants to be. Mega Man slides all over the place in every other stage and for some reason, they decide to add an ice level to the game! The bad platforming is not the fault of the NES. The first three Super Mario Bros. games all came out on it and still feel great to this day. Mega Man is just too rough around the edges.

I finally beat all the robot masters and then got to Dr. Wily’s stage. When I got there, what I can only assume is the end of stage one, a yellow clay golem beat me to death multiple times. Once again, I saved right before the fight but you can load a fight all you want. It doesn’t mean you will win that fight.

Final Thoughts

I’m not salty because I’m bad at Mega Man or because I couldn’t beat it. I went into this completely expecting to be bad at Mega Man. I just thought the game would feel better to play. One thing the NES always got right was platforming and I was impressed by the verticality of the stages but it still just feels bad. I will eventually go back and play Mega Man 2. When I realize I’m bad at that I will play Mega Man 3 and so on. It just doesn’t feel like I missed out on anything by not playing these games.

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