Turtle Hermit Also Unleashes More Techniques on these Young FighterZ!

When we last left off from the news reveal of Master Roshi being the next fighter for DBFighterZ, the first trailer showed very little of what Master Roshi is capable of. Unfortunately per usual fans of the game are left upset and thirsting for more from their 30 second trailers, myself included! Today a brand new trailer was revealed on Twitter via Bandai Namco Esports showing new tech and ideas for future Master Roshi mains out there!


What can the Turtle Hermit do?

The first reaction when the 1st trailer was shown is that Master Roshi canonically can not fly like other fighters. In this trailer you see that he uses his trademark Kamehameha to “fly” towards his opponents. Next the Turtle Hermit is seen to power up into his Max Power form to deal more damage! This is the first time that his Max Power form being usable in game. Compared to the other fighterz Master Roshi employs more crafty techniques to catch his opponents off guard but also shows Goku, Krillin and Yamcha where their signature techniques came from! Finally finishing the trailer with his Max Power Kamehameha!

Not to be out-shined but in the entire trailer but Roshi is still sharing knowledge; to always grow, improve and enjoy the journey. Even when you’re 350 years old! That’s the Turtle School Way! The Turtle Hermit makes his way to Dragon Ball FighterZ on September 18.


What are your thoughts on the expanded gameplay reveal of Master Roshi for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Be sure to check out my other articles as well such as the Rise of Beat’Em Ups pt. 1 or the news of Gotham Knights! Make sure you bookmark and check back with Culture of Gaming for all your news and articles on everything that is gaming!

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