We’ve talked about certain shows having been turned into anime in my previous article. Now, it turns out that there have been a few Marvel and DC characters that have been given the same treatment. Ever wonder what Batman or Catwoman looks like as an anime character? Look no further than Batman Ninja. Care to see what Thor and Loki look like being in an anime? We have Marvel Future Avengers to thank for that!

While both offer exactly what you get from their respective comics and film, they go way over-the-top. This means you get dark and gritty with DC, while giving off dark colors and setting the mood. You also get lighthearted and fun, with expressive colors for Marvel. Each one of these films offering their own advantages and disadvantages, yet never straying too far from the source material.

In my previous article, I talked about each film giving you what you likely never expected out of them. With this article, you will kind of expect it in combination with both Marvel and DC properties, and Japan. Let’s take a look at Marvel and DC anime! Believe it when I say it hurts just reading the names.

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Marvel Future Avengers: The Ongoing Marvel Anime Adaptation

Marvel Anime

Marvel Future Avengers in the US is an entertaining show. While most programs take it slow, showing a small amount of each character, this thrusts you into action. There’s no going back after the first scene, where the action sucks you in. Little do we know, it’s actually the intro. Yes, the intro of it is actually pretty good. It’s short, sweet, and leaves an impression. Although, for some reason this Marvel show feels too anime from the beginning. You have this short, cute, little robot thing that looks like a TMNT Mouser, and it’s being stalked. It feels like the typical anime to me!

The major problem with the very first episode of Marvel Future Avengers, is the fact you don’t even see the Avengers. They are not anywhere to be seen until the very end, right before the credits. We barely see any real threat until the very end when main villain of the series appears. Through the entire episode, kids are using their powers like seen Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh. The kids were enough, but them having powers brought back memories from SD Gundam and Duel Masters.

Marvel Anime

Yes, we get that the title says it all, but do they really have to be kids? Take a page from Young Justice and Teen Titans, they were successful because they gave you the team. Those shows also didn’t rely on kids being kids, but kids trying to be adults with realistic goals. The second episode in Marvel Future Avengers begins with flying around.

To say the least, Marvel Future Avengers isn’t especially my favorite. Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers on the other hand feels like a better quality show.

Batman Ninja

DC Anime

What can I say that hasn’t been said? Batman Ninja either sounds incredibly awesome or amazingly stupid, depending who is asked. Just like the title, either people received the film poorly, or it’s among some of their favorites. What has split the fan-base so broadly in such a way? While Marvel Future Avengers sounds like a good idea on paper, but didn’t live to my own standards, Batman Ninja is the opposite. In every way, this should not have really worked, but it does. It’s the Dark Knight’s element, and it shows.

The opening scene starts off strong, with a battle and our starring hero in the fight. We get a glimpse of the scenery, the villain Batman is facing off against Catwoman. An animated show or film starting off with the main cast? Unheard of! But, it feels right. Everything within this universe feels right. The action scenes were good, while the villains were as menacing as always. Liberties are taken to give each character their original features. This means, we get more Joker, and we get more Harley.

DC Anime

Now, one glaring negative is the fact that Batman looks to be in an alternate universe. This may sound great, but the fact of the matter is all we get is Batman in Japan. Everyone has the same exact personalities and nearly the same looks as when Batman left Gotham. It’s not of his free will, mind you, but he leaves for something that should feel radically different. In a show such as Teen Titans, we kind of got that a few times. Here, it just feels like a reskin. It was a good film but should have taken more liberties. It’s such a missed opportunity.

Can Marvel and DC comic-based shows and film work as anime?

Marvel Anime

Yes, Marvel and DC can work as anime. While Marvels Future Avengers didn’t work for me, it might work for you. That show has been renewed for a second season this year, and while the beginning is not as strong, it gets better. There are good Marvel animated shows overall, but to me there aren’t many. Meanwhile, it’s live-action film that is kicking box office records. Marvel feels like it needs to almost remain exclusively live-action. The opposite is true for DC.

DC Anime

While DC have had some bumps along the way with their live-action films, they have proven themselves capable. DC comics will, however, continue to flourish under their animated properties. It just feels right. Even when the animation is underwhelming, or it feels kind of like a rehash of the same, it just feels right. Everything from the Joker to Poison Ivy, to even the Penguin meshes. The Penguin is not even that good of a villain, but he’s still a nicely fleshed-out character. All the villains are well-designed and feel fleshed-out.

In a matter of speaking, both Marvel and DC can work as anime if they have good direction. Without that, the whole thing can easily fall apart early on. That’s not to say the series or film can’t be salvaged. So, take that for what you will. Perhaps next time we will cover other properties turned into anime.

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