Let me first start off by saying that I love a good party game. Couch co-op and multiplayer has been sadly scarce as of late and I yearn for the days of Mario Party and when Halo had split-screen multiplayer. So naturally, I was excited to try out Marooners, a  new party game by M2H studio. What Marooners provided me with was chaotic fun and a perpetual smile on my face.

Marooners is a “chaotic mix of short minigames” that pits up to six players against each other. It’s like they took the best parts of the Mario Party games and just made that into its own thing. Needless to say, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Marooners. At first, I tried the game out by myself and to my surprise, I actually had fun just playing with bots but then I got some friends together and gave it a shot and I had the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. You are able to choose between playing in a linear or chaos mode and while both modes are fun, chaos mode is where the game shines. The random switching between minigames along with the amount of 6 players makes for utter madness that is sheer fun. The minigames are a lot of fun and the chaos mode keeps them from getting stale. I do wish there was a difficulty setting for the bots. Sometimes the bots would just let me knock them off the stage or quite literally leap off the stage to their doom. This is by no means a huge detriment to the fun of the game but an adjustable difficulty setting would definitely increase the replay value.

The controls are simple: you run, jump, and hit. The characters are adorable and interesting and there are plenty of them. There are plenty of unlockables such as characters and weapons, which you acquire as you level up. The game features 12 locations and over 70 weapons for you to use. One of the really neat features about this game is it’s online mode. Got no friends? Don’t worry, you can meet some strangers online and party with them. The game also allows for you to mix the two, so you can play online with some of your local friends.

A few things I could see making the game a bit more fun would be character and stage creation. This would add a great amount of depth and freshness, especially if you could share your stages online with others. Maybe choosing a minigame first, and then working with pre-made templates to create a custom stage. Of course, the game was just released, so who knows what M2H has in store for the future.

Overall, Marooners is an absolute must have for party game fans. Add this game to your library and you’ll never have to worry about what to play with your friends when they come over. Marooners is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. There is currently a sale running on Steam where you can get Marooners for just $4.99! That’s a steal. But don’t worry console players, you can still join in on the fun for a low price of $9.99.

Charming Character Designs
Fun and Fresh Gameplay
High Replay Value
Lazy AI
No Difficulty Settings

Review Summary

Marooners offers a splendid party game experience whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends. The gameplay is fresh and unique and will having you coming back for more.

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