March 2020 Xbox Games With Gold

This March, Xbox gold members will benefit from a great variety from the four games available this month. Here are some short summaries for the games as well as when to look out for them.

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Complete Season (March 1st-31)

This round’s full month release is Telltales’s Batman complete series. In this game, play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne as you navigate through Gotham City to eradicate all crime. With the return of the Riddler, you must solve tedious puzzles and choose former enemies to team up with to rid the city of a greater evil. As Bruce, take caution to not let him fall into darkness as you traverse the line between good and evil.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (March 16th- April 15th)

When an almost unstoppable wave of crime begins to torment Sequin Land, the only one who can stop it is Shantae. Half-genie, Shantae can dance to transform into more powerful forms to stop any enemy in her path. In this 2-D platformer, plow through the ranks of enemies in order to face off with Shantae’s ultimate nemesis, Risky Boots. While this isn’t the first game in the series, it is the first full-length HD game to feature Shanetae’s unique adventures.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (March 1st-15)

Returning from a deep sleep in a weakened state, Dracula is back to regain his powers. In this sequel, travel a stunning open world to find and finally defeat Dracula’s enemy Satan in an explosive battle between good and evil. With the usual dramatic flair that the Castlevania series is known for, enjoy both the adventure and the final end to Dracula’s story as he achieves his revenge.

Sonic Generations (March 16th- 31st)

Definitely planned with the recent release of the Sonic movie in mind, this month’s last free game is Sonic Generations. Play as Sonic once again as you are thrown back in time by an unknown power. Team up with younger versions of the famous cast as you search for the source of the mysterious power. As the 20 year anniversary celebration title, this Sonic game delivers with great graphic and gameplay updates to the classic Sonic style.

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Source: Xbox News




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