MAINGEAR, a PC builder and Gaming Accessory brand specialising in powerful prebuilt gaming PCs, notebooks and workstations as well as other gaming accessories has announced a partnership with Intel last week to help improve the professional streaming experience on MAINGEAR brand systems. New MAINGEAR computers with 7th, 8th or 9th Generation Intel processors come preinstalled with a custom version of Intel’s Easy Streaming Wizard. This automatically installs OBS and optimizes the user’s stream settings based on factors such as their processor and internet bandwidth. To celebrate this partnership with Intel, MAINGEAR is also including bundled accessories that are essential for streaming. This is a part of their Be Next program to help new content creators getting into the streaming scene.

The bundle includes a RAZER KIYO webcam, a RAZER SEIRĒN X, and an Elgato Stream Deck Mini. These are bonuses worth around $300 USD in total. These are included as free bonuses with the purchase of any system containing an i9 processor. Customers purchasing i7 processor systems receive both the KIYO webcam and the SIRĒN X,  totalling a $200 USD worth of free accessories. Customers purchasing i5 Processor systems have a choice between the SIRĒN X or the KIYO webcam which are around $100 USD each.

The bundle targets the professional streaming audience and includes several useful features for novice and experienced streamers. These include the option to optimise encoding settings ensuring that the best streaming quality for every processor is achieved. There is also the ability to choose between streaming platforms such as YouTube or Twitch to stream to. The user can optimise OBS settings based on the style and type of game. There are also easy configuration options for camera, microphones and recording settings for an easy and high-quality stream output.

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