A new entry in 2K’s Mafia series could be announced in the coming months. Hangar 13, developers of Mafia 3, are set to announce their next project heavily rumoured to be Mafia 4.

Hangar 13’s parent company 2K is set to go public with two upcoming projects. One from 2K Silicon Valley headed by Dead Space director Michael Condrey and Hangar 13’s next title.


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Rumours about the next Mafia title have been circulating for a while. Trademarks for Mafia 4 were filed late last year. A potential remake of Mafia 2 was also registered.

In 2017, the studio toyed with the idea of a 1970’s Las Vegas setting, “The glitz and glamour of a mob-controlled Sin City.” The studio seemed to back away from the Mafia series initially to focus on new IP’s.

Hangar 13 has since been fairly quiet since Mafia 3’s launch in late 2016. Though the game caught some flack for repetitive gameplay. The story was praised and the game went on to sell 5 million copies worldwide.

Despite initial layoffs at the company, they have now expanded into a four studio multinational. A few ideas have been floated for the studio’s next game. They were initially billed for the next Bioshock until the internal studio Cloud Chamber was announced to be the series new developers.

Whether its the next Mafia title or a new IP. Hangar 13’s next game will be announced in the coming months.

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