Hello folks! I recently went to Long Beach Comic Expo 2019 on behalf of CultureOfGaming.com and I managed to meet a ton of interesting people and attend some panels.

This was my first time ever attending and covering a comic book convention filled with various writers, artists, and tons of sellers on the show floor. It was a great experience, not only for getting to know amazing people in the industry but also connecting with the local community of fans and indie creators. I’m writing a spotlight series of articles to highlight the people I had interviews with at the Long Beach Comic Expo 2019. We have a steampunk aromatherapist, an amazing voice actor, a community patron for the Long Beach Public Library, a novelist and a unique artist. As well as detailing three panels that I attended that spoke about voice acting, toy design and our underutilized solar system in sci-fi. Without further ado let’s talk about a booth called…

Gear Oils

Long Beach Comic Expo

Gear Oils is a company created by Tara Baumann who concocts her own aromatherapy oils but with a steampunk flair. She is a licensed aromatherapist, herbalist, and a nutritionist with 25 years of experience under her belt. Every oil that she sells is handmade and infused with a crystal depending on the type of oil. Her oils can range from products that help relieve anxiety, boost immunity, or pain relief. During her interview, Tara mentioned how each her oils are handcrafted using specific ingredients. Her immunity oil, for example, is made using a blood-stone mixed with other herbs and oils like oregano, eucalyptus, and other natural ingredients. She has 35 different blends with some of her best-selling ones being pain, anxiety, and insomnia oils.

Long Beach Comic Expo
Tara Baumann, Steampunk Aromatherapist Extraordinaire

I found her wares incredibly fascinating considering she is a steampunk fan and her booth was right across from the folks at Gaslight Gathering. Tara told me that even though she’s been practicing aromatherapy for a long time, she has only been in the steampunk community for about six years. She mentions that the community itself has an active fan-base online and that most of her revenue come from online shops like Etsy.

Recently the gaming community has been actively talking about mental health both for developers and fans. I wanted to highlight Gear Oils as an option for people who are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical methods. There are a vast number of players who could benefit from these oils and enjoy the steampunk aesthetics of Tara’s products.

Oiling Up! (Hakan would love her)

I asked Tara, “What is a common misconception that people have about aromatherapy?” She told me that most people believe that oils are only effective via its fragrance. In actuality, the human body can also absorb oil molecules depending on certain key application points. Absorbing oils into the bloodstream and can help your overall health such as brain function or stress relief. Gear Oils is one such company that helps promote a healthy lifestyle with a steampunk flair.

Tara Baumann is a fascinating steampunk enthusiast who owns her own brand. Gamers, YouTubers, and influencers all know that owning your own label or brand can help drive sales. At the same it create a platform that helps a community of fans.

Tara Baumann is making sure that people’s cogs and gears are running smoothly with her special oils. So, the next time you head to a convention, you might see her there or at other steampunk-related events. You can reach her shop Gear Oils on Etsy via the link here or contact her: tara@baumanns.net. This is the first spotlight so please stay tuned for additional coverage of this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo 2019.

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