With competitive eSports gaining more and more traction in different parts of the world, eSports betting has evolved to become a highly popular industry today. Thousands of people place bets on their favourite eSports personalities and teams during the major competitions.

When it comes to betting on eSports, not only does the activity spice up the viewing experience, it also holds the potential of delivering big profits. Keeping that in mind, we will share with you some important live eSports betting strategies in this short article.

Starting out

Although we are talking about live or in-play eSports betting, it shouldn’t be forgotten that even that involves doing a lot of prep work beforehand. eSports has gotten fairly big over the years and hence making money from it also requires some solid groundwork. While you can always go ahead and wager money on your favourite team and/or player and then pray for their victory, if you’re serious about eSports betting, you will need to do much more than that, well in advance.

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Carry out ample research – The majority of the competitive eSports games have dedicated websites which help you keep track of the players’ performances. Therefore, you can make use of resources such as Winston’s Lab (for Overwatch) or Oracle Elixir (for League of Legends) to learn about valuable statistics.

Stay updated about the latest news – Various substitutions and movements in the roster are commonplace in eSports. It’s important to stay updated about all such events so you know how the line-ups stand.

Improve your gaming knowledge – Regardless of how comprehensive live betting tips you might be following, they won’t matter much if you’re not able to follow the action unfolding on the screen. Go through expert opinions, read the community forums and follow expert streamers in order to improve your gaming knowledge. All of it will come to good use, in real-time, during live bet placements.

Booking profit

Once you have followed the above-mentioned tips, it would be time to put your groundwork to use. Live eSports betting brings with it a lot of tangible benefits owing to the way it allows you to tailor your bets based on the happenings in the game. It implies that you don’t necessarily have to always bet on the team that seems to be winning.

In fact, the majority of the bookmakers don’t offer good odds on the leading line-ups. However, if a particular team is behind at a given moment, but you know they take time to get into the rhythm, you can bank upon your knowledge and avail good odds on their potential victory. Furthermore, eSports games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends have certain highly intricate draft phases during which only the seasoned bettors can tell who came out stronger. In the end, always remember that the first few minutes of the game will tell you a lot about an individual’s or a team’s playing style and strategies. Make note of it and make it count.

Please note, when it comes to profiting from eSports betting, all you need is diligence during your prep work and correct implementation of the strategies while placing the bets.

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