Live-Action Novelty

With the recent reveal of a new live-action movie in the works — Sonic the Hedgehog — things seem to be taking another turn. Live-action film has become such a novelty. We are starting to get more movies that make little to no sense. One could say that Detective Pikachu isn’t a bad adaptation, but if you look at another movie called Dragon Ball Z: Evolution you may think otherwise. We’re here to explore live-action being potentially the current novelty.

Detective Pikachu: Live-Action

Live-Action Detective Pikachu

With the Pokémon franchise still going strong, it’s not easy to hide a bias towards Detective Pikachu being made. Most of us don’t take into account all the previous films made. Those films with puppets in the human world, or video game movies, seem like a novelty at this point. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of monsters fighting 1 on 1 just because it would look cool? There are some notable Pokémon that we would love to see on the big screen, but then you compare and contrast previous live-action films with that of this anime. Could it really work?

Well, if done well then there’s nothing to stop an overwhelming amount of people from enjoying this live-action adaptation. Pikachu looks alright, but from my own personal take the voice didn’t really fit. It’s going from a more squeaky tone to just sounding like a guy in his 40’s or above. This is kind of where my thoughts go from “okay, this is cool,” to “it doesn’t feel quite right.” We have to wait until release, but from my personal stand point, it’s looking as if you can just fit a superhero in this role with the same result. Watching the trailer for Detective Pikachu again, reality sets in. This may not be a good movie. Expectations are average, at best.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Live-Action

Live-Action Sonic the Hedgehog

Here is where the novelty of live-action really begins to shine. No words express how Sonic the Hedgehog live-action might not work. There are ideas that could work, and it’s unlikely the current poster design is the final product. It feels too much like a cash-in from Detective Pikachu, and how fans currently see that project. We know next to nothing, and the movie itself could even be really good. For all we know, it could be a success. Currently, Sonic the Hedgehog looks a little off-putting. With Jim Carrey being Dr. Eggman (Robotnik), it’s certainly looking to be an interesting experience. We all know Carrey loves to steal the show.

The only thing that could possibly make Sonic the Hedgehog a great movie is that if Tim Curry came in to voice the villain himself. Also, if they were able to bring Jaleel White back for his rendition of Sonic, people would lose their minds. If you have to go full crazy, bring in people who would give you that. Yes, we know about Tim Curry’s current state, but he is just as funny and talented as he ever was. We have to reserve all judgment for the final release and are only personal preferences. It’s not to say Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey would make awful choices, but they’re weird ones to say the least.

What’s Next?

Live-Action Digimon

Digimon, the live-action movie? With a good amount of time until Bandai-Namco’s belt, including further games and episodes in the works, Digimon would be a step up from Pokémon. With arguably more amazing features and designs, Digimon could be a great live-action competitor for Pokémon. Instead of giving off the illusion that attacks might hurt, in actuality they do hurt. The kids from the shows genuinely felt as if they were thrust into that world. They got hurt, sick, and sometimes even critically-so. If Pokémon live-action can be made, there is no reason as to why Digimon shouldn’t be. Think Transformers, without the explosions, but the same level of destruction placed on buildings.

Monster Rancher live-action adaptation? Well, if we’re going for Pokémon-like clones, then this is a good one to talk about as well. There are primarily nothing but monsters in this one, hence the title of “Monster Rancher.” There are hints at past scientists, and even actual people who live within the world, but it’s too few and far between. It’s a beautiful sandbox of monsters from small and intelligent, to big and fierce dragon-like creatures. If this ever happens, it will have to have that Neverending Story feel to it. Large and epic with a serious cast of characters.

Either way, watch both Monster Rancher and Digimon and see for yourself!

Why??? We were happy…

Live-Action Detective Pikachu (Mr. Mime).

Live-action today has to be looked at as a novelty. Look at the current state of Disney and film where everything animated seems to be remade into that mold. Ever since Beauty and the Beast, it’s been seen as nothing but a cash cow. As an audience member, we need a coherent story, something that makes sense. If the newest Detective Pikachu, or even Aladdin, doesn’t make sense then what’s the point in even making it. As long as we can follow the story, share some sort of emotion, and get invested, they will seem more than just novelty. At the moment, all these live-action adaptations feel way too overused. People are starting to see it in both video game re-releases and live-action film adaptations. It’s becoming too much for even the general public to consume.

We withhold our judgment until each film release, but one can only hope these movies are a good idea. One can only hope this is not going too far. If you can stomach Mr. Mime, then you should have no problems with the rest of the characters in live-action films going forward. From my own perspective, this is nothing more than novelty. Maybe further down the road, my mind will change. As for now, that’s my own opinion.

Please share yours below! Which animated TV show or video game would you like to see as a live-action movie?

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