Earlier this month, several news outlets reported leaked images on PSN of an Unannounced Star Wars game; Star Wars: Project Maverick. The images were quickly taken down from the European PSN store. Now that the cat is out of the bag, many assumed we would hear an announcement soon afterward. However, with the state of the world, it makes sense why EA or Motive hasn’t released or announced anything since. Now with E3 being canceled, we’ll most likely see either EA and other companies hold some sort of live stream online event. Let’s speculate on what this new Star Wars game could be.

Space Combat!

Star Wars Project Maverick

The easiest and first assumption is that Star Wars: Project Maverick is a spaceship arcade fighter game. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 included space combat as part of their multiplayer modes; which have been updated and expanded on. We know that EA Motive is a support studio for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Maverick is their game. It’s possible that EA Motive built space combat for Battlefront 2 since DICE developed the shooting mechanics.

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Could Star Wars: Project Maverick be a single-player space combat game? It’s always a possibility considering that the main element of the leaked image is an Imperial Star Destroyer along with some X-Wings. We haven’t had a proper flight game from the Star Wars universe since Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter in 2001. Lots of Star Wars spaceship models have already been created for Battlefront 2 and I could see EA Motive using those resources to make a game with short development time.

Jedi Starfighter and X-Wing/Rogue Squadron games are beloved games. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sold incredibly well in spite of its technical challenges and this could be another attempt by EA to get a single-player focused project out the door before their Star Wars license is up for re-negotiation.

A Tactical Game

Star Wars Project Maverick

How about a tactical space combat sim? I know that the word Maverick holds a lot of connotations to aerial combat especially in the Air Force. But let’s think about this for a second, it could just as likely be a tactical or 4X space sim game that could offer a small bite-sized Star Wars experience. Star Wars: Empire at War is a dormant series that blew up during the Starcraft era of real-time strategy games and we haven’t seen anything like that in a decade.

Project Maverick could be a game that is a tactical RPG or some sort of 4X game set in the Star Wars universe. Imagine Halo Wars but using Star Wars vehicles and units from the Battlefront 2 series but on a grid-based map. Which could offer a campaign, multiplayer, and map editor features for fans to create similar to what Wargroove offers. The only reason I’m leaning on this idea is the fact that Project Maverick is called “unusual.”

Kotaku reported that EA had already canceled a spin-off game from the Battlefront series and “a smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive in Montreal, Canada.” There’s nothing “unusual” about a space combat game, it has been done before and its a fan favorite for those seeking to fight TIE Fighters and X-Wings. What would be unusual is something like a Star Wars tactical game because it would be something that we haven’t had in a while. Or possibly something even weirder like our next guess.

What About A Star Wars FTL?

Star Wars Project Maverick

Part of my love of Indie games is the amount of creativity, weirdness, and genuine fresh ideas that come out of that scene. Big publishers would rather let the indie scene create fun and innovative ideas while they incorporate them in future franchises.

So what if Project Maverick is EA Motive’s FTL? FTL: Faster Than Light is an indie darling that can be replayed multiple times with its rouge-like elements. What if instead of playing as the rebels you’re actually in control of an Imperial Star Destroyer that needs to make it through several systems to deliver supplies, troops, and etc. However, you have to fight waves of Rebel X-Wings fighters, pirates, and every nasty space beast that pops up out there similar to the one in Solo: A Star Wars story? Such a game would be a long shot but at this point, all we could do is speculate what Project Maverick is while we wait for more news.

What do you think Star Wars: Project Maverick is? Do you think its a space combat game or something else completely out of left-field? Let us know in the comment below! Don’t forget to check out my review of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. For more great interviews, reviews, editorials, and news stay tuned to CultureOfGaming.com or check us out on OpenCritic.com.


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