Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Group, TT Games, and the Lego Group announced they will no longer be creating new expansion packs for Lego Dimensions. The game originally released for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U. The game never released on the Switch.

The most recent wave of toys were released September 12, 2017. Thankfully, they aren’t pulling any of the current expansions off store shelves.  As of now, packs will still be available for purchase in store.

In total, there have been 9 waves of expansion packs for the game. Some of the packs available include Beetlejuice, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and Adventure Time. Unlike many of the other Toys-to-Life games, Lego Dimensions allowed players to put their characters together just like an authentic Lego.

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This may mark the approaching end of the Toys-to-Life Genre. Other game companies have either shut down or limited their support at this point. Other Toys-to-Life games included Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Ubisoft is planning to release their own toys-to-life game, Starlink Battle for Atlas.

Disney Infinity shut down in May 2016, with stores removing the toys from their shelves almost immediately. Server support for the game ended in March 2017. Players can still play the game but are unable to share created content with each other.

Skylanders hasn’t officially ended production of their toys, but the last wave of toys were released in June. They have also yet to announce any future releases, making the future dim for anyone looking for a new line of toys . The Skylanders Netflix series recently released a new season, making it seem like they still want to support the franchise.

Finally, TT Games will continue to provide customer and server support for their game. If they do eventually stop supporting servers, players will at least have functional Lego’s to play with. You can view the official announcement at Lego Dimensions official Twitter.

Are you sad to see Lego Dimensions will not receiving any new expansions? Feel free to comment below.

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