With the latest League of Legends season underway, there is quite a bit of talk about what we could see in terms of New Champions and Champion reworks. The current voting process will be coming to an end in just a few days, and while there has been plenty of talk about the five champs and who will get that update, there is one other discussion going on: Who could see a possible upcoming skin theme? The various skin lines of League of Legends are always a delight to see with how they can change the aesthetics of the champions, but these particular skin concepts do certainly range from one extreme to the next.

Now, depending on the results of the votes, there is a good possibility all these skins could happen this year or later on. Of course, if there’s a lack of interest then it will probably disappear and fade away. That’s the fun of these skin lines. We could have skin lines that may see ongoing support over the years such as PROJECT and Battle Academia, while others could just fade away and likely not reappear anytime soon, if not, ever again. What will the chances be for these three skin lines? Let’s take a look at all three skin line concepts.

Monster Tamers

Diving back into a world where characters have "special partners" to help them fight. League of Legends's way of doing their spin on certain kinds of games like Pokemon.

Source: League of Legends

In a bright and playful world where champions can harness powerful monsters from across Runeterra, they challenge each other in high-stake matches to see who is the very best, like no one ever was.

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So by concept, we could draw the comparison to a certain kind of popular game series. Of course, it does go beyond that since it wouldn’t be like the monsters the champs would be using would completely change the way a character would fight or use their abilities. We can draw comparisons to other skin lines that have played with the concept of “using living creatures to fight with champions.”

Not to say the monsters would be used in this literal sense but it could be that for the animations, we could see the monsters attack on their Champion’s behalf, such as the electric kitty sitting on Ezreal’s arm to perform thunder shocks or Janna having her fairy performing her wind moves. In a way, we probably won’t see any melee champions in this skin line unless you have a case where you have a champ ducktape their monster to a stick. As hilariously cruel as that sounds, that does seem slightly unlikely…

If Monster Tamers does win, it will be fun to speculate possible champions we could see, but we’ll have to wait to see what the result will be after the voting comes to an end.

Debonair 2.0

From the people who brought you "Debonair 1.0," we look to be revisting and expanding on a skin line untouched for half a decade.

Source: League of Legends

In a High Fashion world where powerful elixirs can grant extraordinary abilities, two rivals vie for power. Class opulence meets Modern Noir as Champions work together to take back what they believe is theirs.

So out of the three choices, the name of the skin itself doesn’t hide the fact that this is a seeming continuation and likely reboot of the original Debonair skin line. What started off with “Debonair Jayce” back in 2013 to put him into a suit, the line would later add in Ezreal, Galio & Vi. After Galio got to enjoy his new suit in 2015, not much else was done within the world of Debonair.

With the examples, we got here for Leona and Malzahar, it does look like they wish to expand the world beyond an alternative Piltover. Of course, you could say that (like Galio) you can have other champs brought in to style them up. As such, if Debonair 2.0 takes the vote, it is possible how just about any humanoid champ could easily fit themselves into a suit and enjoy a nice elixir with the rest.

Crime City Nightmare

Not to assume, but it does seem as though a certain stylized skin line could be the easy fan favorite.

Source: League of Legends

In a world where- Actually let’s skip the previous intro formats.

Crime City Nightmare focuses on crime-scape Valoran City. A street war between Rival Crews has taken a dark and horrifying turn as a mysterious figure introduces those who are desperate for power to an ancient evil. What will happen in this “Insidious Underground” setting?

For those who enjoy following the stories of various skin lines, you might recall the name of Valoran City as it comes from the Star Guardian Skin Line (and was apart of a special skin event in 2017). It could be possible that if Crime City Nightmare gets the most votes, they could tie the skin line with the Star Guardians (although this is just wild speculation and Crime City could just be in a different universe altogether).

As for the skins themselves, you can tell by Twisted Fate and Akali that the skins certainly have that look of “inheriting a dark power” to enhance their current abilities. As for the champs we could see for Crime City Nightmare, perhaps anyone who would be “For Hire” as it were might be prime candidates. Nothing like having your assassin-like characters getting a dark power up to make them even more dangerous than they already are, right?

If you haven’t voted, be sure to do it while you still can.

So which of the three skin lines would you like to see come to League of Legends?  Do you want to see all three skin thematics make it in 2021? And could the winning choice become something that’s just as big as existing popular skin lines? If you haven’t already, be sure to boot up League of Legends and vote for your favorite choices! There are just a few days left before everything gets counted up and we find out who took the vote. Until we know who the winners are, leave your thoughts down below, and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles covering League of Legends and other things in the Gaming world.

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