Jason Schreier announced his leave from Kotaku earlier this week. He has revealed that he will be joining the team at Bloomberg News. Schreier still plans to cover gaming while expanding his reach into other fields in his new position.

Being One of the biggest names in the world of video gaming journalism, Schreier talked about his leave in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz. Schreier stated, “it’s been really tough working for a company that is run by management in whom trust has been completely eroded”.

Why Did He Leave?

Unrest within Kotaku hasn’t been a hidden topic, but Schreier gives insight on and employee’s perspective. After Kotaku’s change in management from Gawker Media to G/O Media Group, displeasure of management has continued to be a problem. Many sites under G/O Media Group’s management have had large amounts of employees leave within the last few years. All citing unhappiness with the company. Schreier stated that managment’s unfair firing of the editor-in-chief at sister sports news site Deadspin was one of the biggest reasons for leaving Kotaku.

In his interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Schreier also pushes for the rights of journalists, especially within gaming media. Who are under-appreciated. He states, “if you’re a reader, it’s so important to be willing to pay money — and I’m not saying a lot of money — but just any sort of subscription or premium service or support. Or any possible way you can support the journalists and the organisations that you love. That you like to read every day”. He believes this will support journalists, but keep quality and inspired writing on the internet over clickbait and content mills.

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