Who could have predicted it? The new Killer Instinct series from Dynamite Entertainment is turning out to be one of the best comics on the racks today. Writer Ian Edginton and artist Ediano Silva have ramped things up with the third issue, bringing highly combustible elements together and dropping plot grenades into our laps while also filling in some of the gaps for us. Whew!

The book opens with Mira, the True Czar’s vampire lackey, preparing to send Jago to the Great Beyond. In a ghoulishly gory scene, Tusk arrives on a freaking motorcycle. Let me repeat that… he arrives on a freaking motorcycle… slicing and dicing anything that gets in his way. Knowing discretion is the better part of valor, Mira flees the scene, leaving the reunited dudes to have their bromance.

Tusk gives Jago the lowdown on the crisis they are facing. Someone or something is draining the energy from all of their Guardian Spirits. Before the world is left defenceless, they need to track down the source of the catastrophe. Jago and Tusk run into Kim Wu, expanding our band of merry heroes.

Everyone’s favourite sorcerer mummy, Kan-Ra, makes an appearance. He too is confounded by the energy drain. He discovers that the Earth is “bleeding to death” and “hemorrhaging life energy”. Although he uses all of his magical might the identity of the source of all the trouble is hidden beyond layers and layers of magical locks and seals. We leave him puzzling and puzzling until his puzzler is sore.

Creating even more intrigue, the True Czar strikes a deal with an unlikely ally while everyone else is preoccupied with the energy drain. It is an alliance that could tip the very balance between good and evil.

Issue 3 of Killer Instinct is the perfect jumping off point for any new reader. With the set-up now complete all of the pieces in the puzzle are ready to make their move on whoever is initiating the energy drain while the True Czar is consolidating his power and his allies behind the scenes. The wick has been lit. The powder keg is ready to explode.

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Tusk’s entrance
Kan-Ra and his magic
The band is back together
The True Czar sub-plot is on the back-burner boling away
The story is moving at a great clip
We have to wait for Issue #4

Review Summary

All of the plot elements are coming together while another menace awaits. Fantastic art and exciting storytelling.

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