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About two years ago, Playtech – one of the world’s foremost developers of online casino games – signed a deal with Warner Bros. to license material from DC Comics. Playtech is not new to licensing content from movies and tv shows, but this was an agreement to create something much bigger. In a way, as the comic book and movie world has its DC Extended Universe, Playtech was looking to create an extended universe of DC-branded casino games.

To date, there have been around 20 superhero-themed games created through the partnership of Playtech and Warner Bros. You can view some of the best examples, including The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, at, which hosts one of the best ranges of DC games. Almost every major DC character has been rolled out to front an individual game, or at least a part of an ensemble cast in games like Justice League or Suicide Squad.

Games are big-budget creations

The pertinent question, then: Are the games worth your time? Well, first of all, they will probably surprise anybody who hasn’t really experienced online casino games before. These are big-budget games – part of Playtech’s Premium Branded Range – and they are lavished with as much attention as you would expect from a modern video game. The graphics, gameplay and special effects are stunning in some of the games, and you can see why it is a mini-event in the online casino world when a new game is released.

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The second thing to understand is that these games tie in with more than just the comic book creations. When we mentioned Justice League and Man of Steel above, it is because these are tied into those movies released in 2017 and 2013 respectively. But Playtech has also gone in for retrospective, with Superman and Superman II being based on the Christopher Reeve Movies. Indeed, there is even a range of games, like Batman and The Joker Jewels, which is based on the super camp Adam West fronted Batman TV series. Almost every aspect of the DC Comics world is covered, and there will surely be more expansion as new material becomes available.

Movie action woven into the gameplay

The point of tying up with Warner Bros. was not simply to do a little branding, like stamping a photo of Superman on a lunchbox, but rather to use elements from those movies and television shows and weave them into the games. Clips from the movies are used to support the bonus games and special features, and they are often infused into the actual gameplay, rather than being used for branding purposes.

Yet, Playtech’s masterstroke here was not to create lots of different games, but to create games that are interconnected. It does this through the DC Superheroes Jackpot Game. This game entails four progressive jackpots, which are funded by taking a small percentage of each spin on every game. The top prize can reach millions. The Jackpot Game is awarded randomly and does not require a traditional winning spin; once triggered, you will be guaranteed one of the four jackpots.

This is, of course, fertile ground for Playtech to keep growing that Jackpot Game by adding more titles to the series. Indeed, they have already started expanding through games like Superman Roulette. But with the slew of new DC movies upcoming, like Cyborg, Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey, there is more and more fresh material to keep creating the games.

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