Bithell Games, who are the developers behind Volume and Thomas Was Alone have announced that they are working on a new John Wick game. John Wick Hex will release on the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac, as it will be published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. The 59 second trailer has received some relatively postive reactions, but people are wanting a John Wick game similar to Max Payne.

Good Shepherd Entertainment had recently posted some details about the game. “Every move in John Wick Hex feels like a scene from the movies, and every fight contributes to your progress on the job and requires precise strategic thinking. Perform well and progress in the main story mode (which features an original story created for the game) to unlock new weapons, suit options and locations. Each weapon changes up the tactics you’ll use and the manner in which you’ll play. Ammo is finite and realistically simulated, so time your reloads and make the most of weapons you scavenge on the job.”

Good Shepherd Entertainment also commented that “John Wick Hex complements the style of the films with a unique graphic noir art design and features the world class voice talents of Ian McShane and Lance Reddick amongst its stellar cast.” Ian McShane acts as Winston in the John Wick trilogy and Lance Reddick acts as Charon. Although this might look like the type of game that people want, the reactions for it being an Epic Games Store exclusive aren’t good. With that, the console release for the game will be revealed later, according to Mike Bithell himself.

The reveal for this game will with out a doubt hype fans up for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as it releases on May 17th. But John Wick Hex has yet to receive a release date.