Sonic fans: prepare yourselves. The Sonic Movie trailer might be uploaded tomorrow.

News site SEGAbits on Twitter uploaded a leaked picture of actor Jim Carrey in a Dr. Robotnik outfit, along with the caption: “Rumor: First look at Robotnik in the #SonicMovie, trailer releases tomorrow”

Polygon followed up with an article, confirming that the image was legit, “based on previously screened trailers”. They also expect the trailer to upload on April 30 – tomorrow.

Initial Twitter reactions seem to be negative, with some complaining that Jim Carrey looks nothing like the fat bald-headed figure of Robotnik. As one person points out, this image looks eerily similar to Robby Rotten from the kids TV series, Lazy Town.


One fan referenced Mike Pollock (voice actor for Robotnik in the video game series). He asked what Mike thought about Jim Carrey’s version of the character, and Pollock gave a simple reply:

He continued, “I’m not involved with the film, so I should keep my distance.”

The Sonic Movie isn’t even on its first trailer, but the internet has already shoveled it with insults. With every image that releases of Sonic’s character model, he just seems uglier and uglier compared to his look in the video games. We’re hoping that when the trailer finally releases, it will prove to redeem the Sonic movie, not dig it even deeper into a hole.

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