Popular streamers OhNickel and Fareeha recently hosted a live-stream at Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters. This was to commemorate the launch of the cooperative narrative mode Storm Rising, which is available until May 6. In the stream, Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan confirmed (and de-confirmed) a few of the ever-popular FPS’s upcoming (or not upcoming) feature

For starters, Kaplan revealed the next PVP map: Havana, Cuba. This is, of course, the featured map in Storm Rising’s campaign, where players fight together to take down the villain Maximilien. Today, Kaplan told streamer Fareeha details about the PVP version of Havanah. It will supposedly have minor differences from the PVE map that’s currently available, such as a different time of day and environmental structures like “distilleries”.

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A short time later, when questioned about the next heroes to come to the PVP mode, Kaplan was surprisingly open… about who isn’t going to be in. Fan-favorite robot Echo will not be joining anytime soon, and neither will Sojourn, the African-American former Overwatch captain. Most devastatingly, Kaplan said that Jetpack Cat, Brigette’s adorable exo-suit wearing pet, will never, ever be in the game. C’mon Jeff, have a heart.

Did Jeff Confirm Any New Characters?

No. But, despite these unfortunate de-confirmations, Kaplan seemed to talk about Storm Rising’s villain Maximilien, for a bit longer than he should have. Perhaps this character will be the next one to ship? Or maybe it will be Junker Queen, monarch of Junkertown, whom Blizzard has revealed loads of concept art of recently. Who can really tell?

Jeff didn’t have anything to say about Havana’s release date or the potential release date of Maximilien or Junker Queen. We don’t doubt that Havanah will arrive soon after Storm Rising is over, or perhaps even before then.

The last Overwatch hero to release was the former Talon operative Baptiste. On release, players were concerned with Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst being too over-powered for competitive play, but opinions seem to have stabled out over time.

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