Jay Kraft was the proud owner of “Jays Game Shack”, a gaming business based in Fresno. The business specialized in trading and selling all types of gaming goods. What set this business apart from the rest of the competition in the market, was that he ran this business straight out of his home in the Fresno area. Giving it more of a sentimental and approachable aura. Having opened five years ago with only 100 game titles at hand, the business has grown considerably, boasting over 2000 game titles, and over 10,000 customers over the five-year span.


Jays Game Shack has had a lawsuit filed against them, for not abiding by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A young man by the name of Jose Acosta is the individual suing Jay after he visited the business and experienced some difficulties. According to the court documents Jose relies on a wheelchair. The lawsuit claims that there was no path from the sidewalk to the entrance of the establishment, which is a violation of the ADA. Jose says, that he couldn’t enter the establishment without help from the store owners. Another problem that had arisen was that the countertop to pay was too high; however, the business does offer an Ipad to pay for those who need to use it.

“ We make good faith efforts to be accommodating of everyone” Jay had this to say in a video he had uploaded explaining the situation and requesting help from his regular customers, and anyone around the world that shares his passion.

The Individual suing Jays Game Shack sues over 200 business per month due to similar circumstances like what he experienced at the Shack. “The gentleman doing this makes several hundred thousand dollars every month” according to Jay and he is pushing for this kind of distasteful activity to cease immediately in the Fresno area.

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting Jays Game Shack in the fight against this “false ADA Claim” share this video and head on over to Jays Go Fund Me Page Here


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