James Bond Origin #3 Review

Dynamite Entertainment adds their own spin to prequel Ian Fleming’s spy novels with the James Bond Origin comic book series.

The series follows a young James Bond, during the turmoil of World War II, before the 007 moniker. James is eager to make his mark and a visit by an old family friend coinciding with The Clydebank Blitz, a devastating attack on Scotland, will set him on a path to greatness.

So, how exactly, does James Bond become the deadliest secret agent in the world?

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Issue #3: Rocket Sea

The exploits of James Bond during World War II continue in issue #3; written by Jeff Parker with artwork by Bob Q.

After witnessing Bond’s courage, Lieutenant Ronald Weldon recommends Bond to join a secret service division. One that will come to be known as the Ministry of Defence. Bond is given the rank of Lieutenant in the Special Branch of the Royal Navy and is on course for his first assignment.

Whilst on assignment, the Royal Navy submarine is ambushed by deadly German bombers. James will need to use all his raw skillset and fight to survive. Will the crew evade the assault, or will they sink into a watery mess?

James Bond Origin #3 Alternate Cover
James Bond Origin #3 Alternate Cover

The story by Jeff Parker is quite simplistic and does a decent job of creating an inclusive story, but overall lacks a sense of urgency, particular from the POV of James Bond. Parker misses the key aspect of establishing Bonds’ purpose and in doing so, makes him feel a bit empty. I mean the story could pretty much take place without the input of Bond – he’s hardly even present/relevant.

Bob Q’s artwork is not the greatest as a lot of the characters look similar and, in some cases, make annoyingly strange facial expressions. The look of James Bond isn’t anything to marvel at either as his overall design is pretty bland. This makes it hard to notice when he is present in a panel. However, you do get a good sense of placement of the characters thanks to the design of the story location.

Location design.
Cover art.
Not enough Bond.
Character designs.
Simplistic story

Review Summary

If this comic was a Bond villain, it’d be called Dr. No … more.

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