It’s Okay To Love Games That Are “Just Okay”

Jump Force is coming out this month. While part of me possesses some hesitation about the game, the other part of me is excited beyond belief to play something where the mechanics just look okay. After all, the concept of the game is bringing some of my favorite anime characters together in one fighting game to beat the snot out of each other. But if a game is “just okay”, why can someone love it at all?

The Content Packed In Is Worth It

Well, let’s start out with why I’m excited for Jump Force. Sometimes the content is enough to get you excited about a game. There are a lot of different anime characters from Shonen Jump on display from Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Hunter X Hunter (just to name a few).

It reminds me of when I was younger and picked up the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the PS2. I was floored by just how many characters you could play as. To this day, I don’t think you can play as so many DBZ characters in one game. You could play as Emperor Pilaf from the first arc of Dragon Ball. You could even play as any of the movie villains including Doctor Wheelo, the giant brain in a mech suit.

It didn’t matter that the moves all had the same simple Smash Bros like inputs in an open 3D environment. They all had moves that they performed in the show.

Your Nostalgia Helps Your Enjoyment

As you can tell, it’s not just the content itself. It’s the nostalgia that gets you to love a game. There is an old game for the NES that was just okay, that I loved as a kid, and still have fun with today. Spider-Man and the Return of the Sinister Six.

Sure, the controls were reversed, with B being the jump button and A being the punch button. And sure, the controls can feel kind of janky. But my love of Spider-Man, as a kid, made me get used to it all. And I ended up finding stuff about the game that there is to enjoy. Once you get into its rhythm, the game has cool villain fights. But that might be the nostalgia talking.

It’s Not Just Okay, Just Niche

Then there are the games that hit the nostalgia button, but also have excellent mechanics and controls. These games may have their niche audience and, as a result, were never adopted by a wide fan base. They are deemed as “just okay” due to its popularity not reaching as far as it could.

The original two Dissidia: Final Fantasy games for the PSP were of this caliber. Not only could you play as your favorite Final Fantasy characters. You could also customize move sets however you like. And unlike the newest Dissidia game for PS4, the single player campaign didn’t feel like an afterthought.

Not every game needs to be on the cutting edge of its field to be considered worthy of enjoyment. It’s usually not a good idea to go into a game with high expectations. But from I’ve seen of the controls and the way it plays, I have a suspicion that Jump Force will end up in the six to seven range of the review scores. Sometimes, that doesn’t matter. It’s all about the player, and if they are having fun with the game.

 But what do you think? What are some okay games you love? Why do you hold a soft spot for them? Let us know in the comments below!

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