If you are a fan of esports games, you surely must have heard of Dota 2. Indeed Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports games globally, with one of the largest fan bases in the esports world. 

Dota 2 offers players loads of fun and excitement and provides a unique betting option for esports games fans. Due to the general acceptance of this esports game and the betting opportunities it provides, many online pokie sites have added it to their esports selection.

Valve Corporation own Dota 2 and provides the platform for players to enjoy the gameplay. Valve Corporation started developing the software for Dota 2 in 2009, and the company released the completed version of the game in 2013. The lead software developer for Dota is IceFrog. Valve Corporation hired IceFrog in 2009 to design Dota 2, and IceFrog was tasked with creating a modern version of the Dota esports game already available at the time.

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Matches in Dota 2 are set up between two teams of five players competing against each other. Each player has a unique and powerful character called a Hero. Dota 2 players try to earn enough loyalty points and items for their Heroes to improve their chances of winning in the player versus player combats. 

The ultimate objective of Dota 2 is to destroy a major construction called an Ancient in the enemy camp, and a team that meets up with this objective wins the match. 

Valve Corporation organizes Dota 2 tournaments for players and fans of the game, and the main Dota 2 tournament is The International. The international is a yearly tournament that offers the largest prize pool in the esports world. The 2019 tournament had a total prize pool worth over $34 million.

Winning on this game is not limited to professional Dota 2 players. Fans of the game and neutral observers can also benefit because many online betting sites and online casinos now offer betting options for esports games. Some common betting options available for Dota 2 include:

The match wins bet: This bet type allows you to bet on the team you expect to win a match.

Map betting: A map in Dota 2 is a set of three games or five games. Map betting allows players to bet on the team they expect to win the map.

Outright Championship winner: This bet type offers you the chance to bet on any team you expect to win a tournament. The odds on offer for this type of bet are usually high. As a result, players who place winning bets in this betting category stand a chance to win huge sums of money.


Dota 2 has a massive following among fans and esports lovers globally and provides a unique betting option for players. Check it out today and join others in enjoying the fun and excitement it has to offer.